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Community connector authorization

Community connectors are developed by 3rd parties, not by Google. If you are using a community connector to access data that requires authorization you'll need to provide the proper information to do so. Community connectors can use several methods to authenticate users, listed below.

How community connector authorization works

When you use a community connector, you grant Looker Studio permission to interact with that connector on your behalf. In addition,  depending on the requirements of that connector, you may be prompted to provide additional credentials to the connector so that it can access your data from the 3rd party service. 

Community connectors can use the following authentication methods:

OAuth 2.0

OAuth 2.0 is the industry-standard protocol for authorization. Community connectors that use OAuth 2.0 present users with an authorization button, letting them access the 3rd party connector's data via that protocol.

Username and password

Sites that require a username and password can request those via the community connector.

The username and password being requested here is not your Google username and password. Be sure you trust the connector developer before supplying your login information.

API token

Sites may require you to enter an API token as an authentication method. This is a unique identifier supplied by the service to which you are connecting.


Looker Studio never stores your credentials. Your username and password, or API token, is sent to the community connector, and the connector simply tells Looker Studio whether or not it was valid. From this point on, Looker Studio can only ask the connector if you provided the correct credentials, not what the credentials were.

It is your responsibility to know how the community connector uses your information. Please consult the connector's documentation for details.

Revoke your access

To remove your authorization from a community connector:

  1. Sign in to Looker Studio.
  2. On the left, navigate to the DATA SOURCES Home page.
  3. Locate the connector's card in the list, then in the upper right of the card, click More More .
  4. Click Revoke Access.

Learn more about community connectors authentication.

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