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Transfer ownership

Make someone else the owner of your reports and data sources.
By default, you own the reports and data sources you create in Looker Studio. You can transfer ownership of your Looker Studio assets to someone with a Google Account using the Manage access options in the sharing dialog. 
Note: You can only transfer ownership within your domain. For Google Workspace and Cloud Identity users, this means transferring to another person in your organization. For standard (non-Google Workspace/Cloud Identity) users, this means transferring to another standard user.

For Google Workspace & Cloud Identity admins

When someone leaves your organization, you can transfer their Looker Studio reports and data sources to another user, ensuring you don't lose access to important information. Learn more in Google Workspace admin help..

For standard users

Before you transfer ownership

You can only transfer ownership of assets that you own.

You must first share the file with the new owner before you can transfer ownership (otherwise, their name won't appear in the list of possible people you can share with).

After you transfer ownership

It may take a few minutes for the system to complete the transfer.

Once the ownership transfer is complete:

  • You'll still be able to edit that asset, unless the new owner removes your access.
  • You won’t be able to transfer ownership, even back to yourself. So be sure you enter the new owner's address accurately.

Transfer a data source

When you transfer ownership of a data source, the data credentials remain intact. This ensures that data sources using Owner's credentials will continue to provide data to reports as they did before the transfer.The new owner can change the credentials to use their credentials by reconnecting the data source.

You can manually revoke your credentials after the transfer. The new owner will need to reconnect the data source to use their own credentials to access data.

How to change ownership

  1. Sign in to Looker Studio.
  2. View or edit the asset you want to share.
  3. In top the right, click Share icon Share. The Share with others dialog appears.
You can only share a data source when you are editing directly, not when editing it from within a report.

To share from the Reports or Data sources home page, locate the asset you want to share, then on the right, click More More options., then click Share icon Share.

  1. Click Manage access.
  2. Select the new owner, then on the right, open the drop-down menu and click Make owner.
  3. Confirm your decision by clicking Yes.

Limits of ownership transfer

You can't transfer File Upload data sources.

Edit the data source connection

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