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The Report Gallery

Show off your Looker Studio skills to the world.

Are you telling powerful, persuasive stories with your data? Helping customers understand their own data and gain new insights from it? Looking for a way to highlight your data visualization skills?

The Looker Studio Report Gallery is the official showcase for our users' best work. Submit your reports and dashboards today to gain new audiences, promote your analytical services, and demonstrate your data viz artistry.



Have a Looker Studio report you want the world to see? Here's how to submit your work for inclusion in the Report Gallery:

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should reflect the highest quality report(s) you and your colleagues have created. In addition, we recommend providing additional context, explanation, or usage information in the report.

Your report will be shared publicly, so we highly recommend that you use a sample data set. Do not include sensitive or private data. Do not include data to which you don't have permission to share.

Your report's sharing option must be set to On - Public on the web. Learn more about sharing your reports.

All attached data sources must be set to use Owner's Credentials. Learn more about data source credentials.

You must give edit access to both the report AND the attached data source to We ask this so we can check the configuration of the report before adding it to the gallery)

To get higher report distribution, we recommend you enable report embedding.

Please submit a separate form for each report you'd like to share.



By submitting your report, you agree to the Report Galleries Terms of Service (Submitter).


Submissions Details

The following information is required in the submission processes:

  • Report title
  • A description of your report
  • Author or company name
  • Contact email address
  • Link to the author's website

Once your report is submitted, you will get a confirmation email that includes a link to edit your submission.

Be sure to save the edit link so you can update the posting in the future. This is the ONLY way you can access your Gallery reports to edit the listing.

What happens next?

You'll get a confirmation email if your report is posted to the Gallery. No notice will be sent if your report is not posted to the Gallery.

Use the link you received when you submitted your report to edit your listing in the Gallery. After updating your submission, it will be reviewed again. As before, you'll get a confirmation email if your edited report submission is approved. No notice will be sent if your report is not accepted.

Remove a report you own

To remove a report you own from the Gallery, send an email to Please provide your name, a link to your report, and the reason you are requesting its removal.

Request removal of a report you don't own

You can report inappropriate content or content that you believe violates the Looker Studio Terms of Service and Policies by visiting this page.

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