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Apply controls to specific charts

Use grouping to limit the scope of controls.

By default, controls affect as many of the charts on the page as possible. For example, putting a date range control on the page sets the time frame for every chart based on a data source that contains a date range dimension. Data controls affect all the charts on the page that are based on the selected data source type. And using a filter control tries to filter all the charts on the page that share the same data source fields.

You can limit the scope of a control by grouping it with one or more charts. Once grouped, the control only affects the charts in the group.

To group a control with charts

  1. Sign in to Looker Studio.
  2. Edit your report.
  3. Select one or more charts and controls.
  4. Select Arrange > Group.
You can also right click on the selection and choose Arrange. Even faster is to press CTRL + G (CMD + G on Mac).

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