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Hyperlinks in data

How to handle links in your data.

You can display clickable links in your data using a table. There are 2 ways to get these links:

  • Directly from your data set, using the URL field type
  • Generating the link using the HYPERLINK function

URL field type

When you create a data source, Looker Studio will detect valid URLs in the data set and assign the URL field type to that dimension. (If Looker Studio doesn't detect the URLs automatically, you can set the field type to URL manually.)

URL fields display the full link in charts. In tables, this link is clickable.

The HYPERLINK function lets you construct links in calculated fields. The HYPERLINK function takes a URL and a link label as input. The output is a clickable link when displayed in a table (in other charts, the link text is not clickable).

Only certain protocols are supported in both URL fields and the HYPERLINK function. See the HYPERLINK article for details.

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