Manage segments

Learn how to view, fix, sync, and remove segments.

You can see a list of all the segments added to your report using the Resources > Segments menu. You can also display this list by selecting a component with an added segment, then clicking "View" icon next to the segment name.

Using the segment list, you can:

  • See information about each segment in the report
  • Edit the segment definition in Google Analytics
  • Fix segments that have undergone a change of ownership
  • Turn segment synchronization off and on
  • Remove segments from the report
In this article:

Edit a segment

Click Edit iconEDIT SEGMENT to edit the segment definition in Google Analytics.

Only the owner of the segment will see the edit link.

Fix a segment

If the owner of a segment loses access to that segment, then that segment will no longer be synchronized with Google Analytics. For example, the owner might be removed from the Analytics view where that segment is defined. This can also happen when you copy a component to a new report that doesn't have that segment added yet. You can fix this situation using the resource manager.

Segments that have access or sync issues are marked with a warning icon in the properties panel. Click "Warning" icon to display the list of segments, then click the FIX IT link for any broken segments. This will transfer ownership of the segment to you and restart synchronization with Google Analytics.

You can only fix segments to which you yourself have access in Analytics.

Turn synchronization off and on

By default, Looker Studio keeps your segments in sync with your Google Analytics view. Use the Sync with Google Analytics checkbox to turn synchronization of that segment off and on.

Learn more about segment synchronization.

Remove a segment from a report

To remove a segment from a report completely:

  1. Edit the report.
  2. Select the Resources > Segments menu.
  3. Locate the segment in the list, then click "Remove" iconRemove.

Removing a segment in this way deletes it from the list of added segments and prevents other editors from being able to use that segment in the report.

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