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Copy a report

You can duplicate any report to which you have access, unless the owner has specifically disabled this in the sharing options.

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How copying a report works

When you copy a report, the copy inherits the following from the original:

  • pages
  • charts
  • date range controls
  • filter controls
  • data and style settings (e.g. colors, fonts, decimal precision, etc.)
  • text, shapes, and images
  • Google Analytics segments
  • filters

Copying a report does not create copies of its data sources. When you copy a report, you must select which data source(s) to use for the copy. If you have at least view access to the original data sources, you can use those; otherwise, you must select new data sources to use.

You can always add your own data sources to any reports you copy. This lets you treat any report as a template, if you wish.
If you add a data source that doesn't match the schema of the original data source, the charts and controls on the report may break (since they won't have access to the dimensions and metrics they were built on.)
In addition, your selection of data source may impact filters and Google Analytics segments. Please refer to the articles in the Related resources section below for more information.
Copying a report does NOT copy the Google Analytics measurement ID, if present. You must supply a new measurement ID for the copy.

To copy a report

  1. View the report.
  2. In the top right, click More options. and then click Copy icon. Make a copy.
  3. Select the data source(s) to use in the copy.
    The Create new report dialog (shown below) lists the original data sources currently added to the template on the left. On the right, you can choose the data sources to use in your copied report. If the original data source has been shared with you, you can use that one. Or you can select one of your own data sources, or even create a new one at this time.

Copy a report with "unknown" data sources

When you copy a report that uses a data source that has not been shared with you, you must select a different data source to use. These non-shared data sources appear as "Unknown" in the data source selection dialog.

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