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Link to a page

Create links to pages in your report.

You can provide links that take viewers to specific pages in a report.

  1. Edit your report.
  2. In the toolbar on the top of the page, click Text [icon].
  3. Enter the text to display, for example, "Page 2."
  4. Select the text you just entered; then, on the right, click Insert link.
  5. Click Paste a link or select a page.
  6. Select a page in this report, or choose a dynamic link.

You can also create a link button for users to access on the report.

Select the specific page name to which you want to link. If you reorder the pages in the report, the link continues to point to the selected page.

Dynamic links navigate to pages in the report based on their position:

  • First: goes to the first page in the report.
  • Previous: goes to the page before the current page, if any.
  • Next: goes to the page after the current page, if any.
  • Last: navigates to the last page in the report.

If you reorder the pages in the report, dynamic links adjust so as to point to the new pages occupying the first, last, next, and previous positions.

When copying reports and page link components, keep in mind the following:

When making a copy of an entire report, page links are adjusted to point to the correct pages in the copy.

If you copy and paste a text component with a page link, the link will work as expected as long as it points to a valid target. For example, if you copy a dynamic link to the next page and paste it into a report's last page, the link won't do anything, since there is no next page to go to. Similarly, if you copy a link to a page called "Sales Performance" and paste it into a report with no such page, you'll need to select a new valid target for the link.

Links to hidden pages or to pages that no longer exist don't go anywhere.

If you remove a page that is the target of a page link, and then add a page with the same name, you'll need to reset the link target to the new page. This is because internally page links use the page's unique identifier, rather than the page name, as the link target.

To link to a specific page in one report from another report, navigate to the target page, then copy the URL in your browser's location field. You can then use that URL as the destination in the Insert link dialog. You can also simply email the link, or use it in a website to direct viewers to that page.

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