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Date range control

Create reports with flexible timeframes.

The date range control is a customizable calendar widget that lets you adjust the timeframe of a report without editing the configuration. This gives you a way to let your viewers to select the dates they want to see.

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Add a date range control to a report

  1. Edit your report.
  2. In the toolbar, select Control icon. Add a control.
  3. Select the Date range control icon in the shape of a calendar.Date range control, then place it in a nice spot.
  4. On the right, in the Date Range Properties panel, set the default date range or leave this set to Auto date range.
  5. Use the STYLE tab options to change the look of the control as it appears on the report.

How date range controls work

The date range control lets you select the dates you want to see in the report. You can define a custom date range by choosing start and end dates, or you can select from a list of predefined ranges, such as Yesterday, Last 7 days (including today), Last quarter, Year to Date, and so on.

Default date range

When you first add a date range control to your report, it uses the default date range provided by the data source (which in turn, depends on the connector used by that data source). For example, the Google Analytics connector defaults to last 28 days, whereas the Google Sheets connector defaults to providing all the data contained in the sheet. You can override this default by changing the control's Default date range setting.

Learn more about setting date ranges.

Date range controls and data sources

To add a date range control to a report, at least one of the data sources attached to the report must have a date dimension. Date range controls only affect charts built on data sources that have a date dimension.

Date range control scope

A date range control governs all the charts on the page. You can limit the scope of the date range control by doing either of the following:

1) Setting a date range property for an individual chart overrides the date range control. 

2) Grouping a date range control with a chart limits the date range control to that chart. Any non-grouped charts are not affected by the date range control.

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