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Ways to share your reports

Share your data stories across your organization, with customers, or with the world.

This article gives you an overview of the ways you can share your reports.

Before you share a report or data source, it may be helpful to understand data credentials.

To learn more about sharing data sources, see this article.

In this article:

How to share

To share, open the asset that you want to share.

Then, click the Share menu to access options for sharing. 

Invite people to view or collaborate Share icon

On each report, you can invite specific people or Google Groups to view or edit the report. When you share a report, you share all pages of the report.

You can also share more broadly by turning on link sharing for a report. This lets anyone in your organization or on the web view the report, even if they don't have a Google account.

On each data source, you can invite specific people or Google Groups to view or edit the data source.

A Google account is always required to edit reports and data sources.

Learn more about inviting people and link sharing.

Schedule delivery Schedule report delivery icon

You can send a PDF of your Looker Studio report to yourself and your stakeholders on a regular basis by setting up an delivery schedule. Learn more about email delivery.

Download as PDF Download

Save a snapshot of your report by downloading it as PDF. You can then share the file offline via email, print it, archive it on disk, or do anything else you can do with PDF files. Learn more about downloading as PDF.

You can generate a short URL to a Looker Studio report to share, use in web pages, or do anything else you can do with links. The link can include the report's current settings, such as filters and date ranges. Learn more about getting a report link.

Get a personal report link

A personal report link creates a copy of your report that is only accessible to the person who opens the link. Changes made to either the original or the private report will not affect the other report. Learn more about personal report links.

Embed a report in another site Embed

Embedding your reports lets you integrate your data stories into a broader context. You can embed into Google Sites, or any iframe-enabled website. You can also add your reports to social media platforms that support oEmbed, such as Reddit and Medium. Learn more about embedding.

Share reports on social media

You can share Looker Studio reports on social media platforms like X, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Slack, or on chat applications like Hangouts, and iMessage. Just make sure others can view the report, then copy and paste the report link into the app. Learn more about sharing on social media.

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