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Manage Looker Studio Pro subscriptions

Learn how to manage an existing Looker Studio Pro subscription. 

Before you begin 

You must have the Owner role on the Cloud project that is associated with your Looker Studio Pro subscription or be a Workspace Services Admin to perform the steps that are outlined in this article.

Don't have a subscription yet?

In this article:

Ways to edit a Pro subscription

Edit a Pro subscription from Looker Studio

To edit your Looker Studio Pro subscription in Looker Studio, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Looker Studio.
  2. In the left navigation, click Pro subscription.
  3. Locate the Google Cloud project that is associated with your Looker Studio Pro subscription, and click Manage subscription Share icon.
  4. Add or remove users or groups.
  5. Click Next.
  6. If necessary, use the entry box to adjust the number of licenses that are required to support the number of Pro subscribers.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Review and confirm your new subscription settings.

Edit a Pro subscription from the Google Cloud console

To edit your Looker Studio Pro subscription in the Google Cloud console, follow these steps:

  1. In the Google Cloud project that is associated with the Looker Studio Pro subscription that you want to edit, navigate to the Looker Studio product homepage:
  2. To assign new users or groups or to remove existing users or groups, click Manage access. If necessary, to adjust the number of licenses that are required to support the number of Pro subscribers, click Buy now.
  3. To purchase additional Looker Studio Pro licenses or  to remove existing Looker Studio Pro licenses, click Add/Remove licenses. To update your subscription settings, click Confirm.

Add users to the subscription

To add an individual user, enter their email address. To add a team, enter a Google Group alias. When you add users to a Pro subscription, you may need to buy additional licenses for those users unless you've got unused licenses available.

Note: You can assign licenses only to users inside your organization. Users from outside your organization can’t be included in the subscription. Any external users in a Google Group are excluded from the subscription.

If a user is in multiple Google Groups in a subscription, you will be charged for a license only once for that user. However, if an individual user belongs to multiple subscriptions, you will be charged for a license for each subscription that user is in.

Remove users from the subscription

To remove a user or group, click Remove Remove user for that user or group.

What happens when users are removed from a Pro subscription?

When a user is removed from a Looker Studio Pro subscription, the following effects occur immediately:

  • The removed user no longer has access to Pro features. They may still use the no-cost version of Looker Studio if this is allowed by your organization.
  • Any content that the removed user created in the Pro project moves to that user's Owned by me location.

Add or remove Pro licenses

If you've added more users to this subscription, you'll see the minimum number of licenses that are required to support the number of Pro users in the subscription.

If you've removed some users, you can use the entry box to reduce the number of licenses in the subscription. You can also leave the number of licenses unchanged to use for future subscribers.

Every user of Looker Studio Pro must have a Pro license. You'll be billed for the number of Pro licenses in the subscription, even if the license isn't currently in use.​​​​​

If you've purchased new licenses, you'll be charged a prorated cost for those licenses until the next billing cycle.

Automatically assign licenses to new users in Pro groups

When the Auto assign licenses option is selected, Looker Studio Pro automatically assigns available licenses to new users who join or who are added to Google Groups that are part of the subscription. The license will be assigned when the user opens or uses the Looker Studio application. Assigning licenses is done on a first-come, first-served basis.

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