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Dimension control

Let viewers change dimensions on report tiles.

The dimension control lets report viewers change the dimension on one or more charts without needing to edit the report. Using a dimension control eliminates the need to create separate charts and reports to show related data and different levels of granularity.

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Add a dimension control to your report

To add a dimension control to a report, follow these steps:

  1. Edit your report.
  2. In the toolbar, select Control icon. Add a control.
  3. Select Dimension control, and then place the control on your report.
  4. On the right, configure the chart using the properties panel.
    1. Select the data source that this dimension controller should use.
    2. Add one or more dimensions that viewers should be able to swap between.

How the dimension control works

When a viewer selects a dimension in the dimension control, all charts in the dimension control's scope will use the selected dimension. Then, all affected charts will reload their data.

If a chart has no dimensions, then it will not be updated. If a chart has more than one dimension, the dimension control only affects the first dimension.

You can have multiple dimension controls in a single report. If a viewer selects a dimension in a dimension control, and that dimension has a different value in another dimension control in the same scope, then the value of the other dimension control will be cleared.

Dimension control scope

By default, a dimension control affects all charts on the current page of the report that use the control's data source.

To limit the scope of the dimension control, group the dimension control with one or more charts.

Ungrouped dimension controls will ignore any charts that are grouped with a dimension control.

To expand the scope of the dimension control to the entire report, make it a report-level component.

Use cases

Change geographical granularity

Suppose your organization tracks purchases by location. Using a dimension control, you could allow users to swap among the CountryState, and City dimensions for varying granularity.

Change product granularity

Suppose you have a dataset with purchase data, and each product has a Product Type, a Product Brand, and a Product Name. Using a dimension control, you could allow users to simultaneously update multiple charts on a report to swap among the three product granularities.

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