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Drop-down list and Fixed-size list control

Select from a list of values.

These controls show a list of options from which you can select. The list can come from the values in a dimension, or from a list of acceptable values defined for a parameter.

List control DATA options

Most of the DATA options only apply to controls as filters. To configure parameter data options, edit the parameter in the data source.

Data Source

Provides the dimensions and parameters you can use in the control.

Date range dimension

This option appears if your data source has a valid date dimension. For Google Ads and Analytics data sources, this option is automatically set to the Date dimension.

The Date Range Dimension is used as the basis for limiting the date range of the chart. For example, this is the dimension used if you set a date range property for the chart, or if you use a date range control to limit the time frame.


Provides the list of values that appear in the control.

Control field

The dimension to filter by or the parameter whose value is set by this control.

Default selection

Specify default values, separated by commas. Be sure to enter the values exactly as they appear in your data.


This option displays a reference metric in the control. You can use this to sort the list, however, you can't filter based on the metric value. To hide the metric, uncheck the Show values option.

Decimal precision

Specify the number of digits in the metric value to show.


This option controls the sort order and number of values listed in the control. You can sort the values list in either ascending or descending order by the dimension values, or by the reference metric.

Show top #

This option limits the number of items displayed in the control. If the number of items available exceeds this limit, remaining items are grouped into "All others."

Default Date Range

This option limits the values displayed in the control to the range you specify.


Restrict the data displayed in the control by including or excluding the values you specify.


Google Analytics segment

This option appears for components based on a Universal Analytics data source.

A segment is a subset of your Analytics data. You can apply segments to your Looker Studio charts to help ensure that your Looker Studio and Google Analytics reports show the same data. Learn more about Analytics segments in Looker Studio.


List control STYLE options


Displays the control in a drop-down box.


Displays the control as a fixed-size box.


Allows choosing only one option from the list. Note that parameter controls only support selecting single values.

Enable search box

Lets you search for values in the list.

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