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Input box control

Get input from your users for filters and parameters.

Input boxes let you enter a value. When used as a filter, you configure how the control matches the user's input against the dimension values. When used as input to a parameter, the input box can accept any value, values from a list, or a range of values.

Input box DATA options

Data Source

Provides the dimensions and parameters you can use in the control.


Provides the list of values that appear in the control.

Control field

The dimension to filter by or the parameter whose value is set by this control.

Input box STYLE options


Displays the control in a drop-down box.


Displays the control as a fixed-size box.

Input box auto width

When checked, the entry field's width automatically sizes to fit the available space. To set the entry field's width manually, uncheck this option and enter the desired width in characters.

Label position

Sets the appearance of the control's label.

Search type

Available for controls as filters. Determines the default search operator:

  • Equals (default). The value exactly matches the search term. (Case sensitive.)
  • Contains. The value contains the search term.
  • Starts With. The value begins with the search term.
  • Regexp. The value matches the regular expression
  • In. The value matches one or more of the search terms (enter search terms separated by commas).

About parameters

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