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Please read Local Services Ads Reviews before submitting an inquiry. All reviews must pass our approval process before being posted. Approved reviews typically appear within 2 business days. If you believe that a review is fake or has otherwise been tampered with, please provide as much detail as possible in the fields below.

Only Local Services Ads reviews may be disputed through this form. Please read on for more information about how to identify whether a review is a Local Services Ads review or Google Business Profile review.

How to Identify the Type of Review

Google Business Profile Reviews

Google Business Profile reviews have three dots on the right-hand side of the review.

Local Services Ads Reviews

For Local Services Ads reviews, the three dots are not displayed. 

How to Dispute a Google Business Profile Review

Click on the three dots on the right-hand side of the review. From the drop-down, select “Report review”.

If your review is a Local Services Ads review, please fill out the dispute form below.

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