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About access levels in your Local Services account

You can share your Local Services Ads account with other people in your business by providing them access through their Google account. Each time you grant access to your Local Services Ads account, you can limit which features can be used by assigning one of the access levels listed below.

Access levels

Account access level Email-only Billing-only Read-only Standard Administrative
Can receive reports and notification emails yes, confirmed   yes, confirmed yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Can view leads, business profile, and settings     yes, confirmed yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Can view users, managers     yes, confirmed yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Can view and edit billing information   yes, confirmed   yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Can edit business profile       yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Can respond to leads       yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Can add email-only users       yes, confirmed yes, confirmed
Can edit bidding and budget         yes, confirmed
Can manage users and access         yes, confirmed

For instructions on how to grant or remove access, learn more about managing access to your Local Services Ads account.

Note: Access to your account’s billing is controlled separately within the Payments profile. If a user does not have sufficient access to the Payments profile, they will only see limited information. The above access levels refer to your Local Services account. Learn more about access levels in your Google Ads account

Access to manager accounts

Users with administrative access to a manager account can receive notification emails, and can manage any part of that account and its campaigns. They can also change another person's access level, and in some cases, can terminate someone's access level.

Note: Local Services Ads use Google Ads to set up manager accounts. For existing and new manager account users, you must edit your manager accounts within Google Ads, as they can’t be set up or changed directly through Local Services Ads. Learn more about Google Ads manager accounts

Access to billing and payments

You can manage which users can perform tasks like making payments, changing payment methods, or receiving invoices by adding or removing people from your Google payments profile in the Google payments center.

Note: If you are advertising through a partner affiliate, the above information does not apply to you. Learn more about partner affiliate providers
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