Local Services Ads reviews

Why reviews matter

Star ratings and number of reviews affect how your business is ranked within Local Services Ads. Providers with higher star ratings and more reviews stand out and typically book more jobs.

How can I get reviews?

Customers are more likely to leave a review if the request comes from you directly. If you're advertising directly with Google, rather than through our partner affiliate network, you can encourage customers to leave reviews by doing any of the following:

Note: Your current customer reviews link will expire on July 8, 2024 as we’re unifying review collection with Google Business Profile. To collect reviews going forward, please use your Google Business Profile link, which can be found in the verification page. Please note that this is only applicable for EMEA providers.

Link existing reviews from your Business Profile (if available)

If you have an existing Business Profile where you get reviews, you may be able to link them to your Local Services Ads accounts in your provider dashboard, under “Reviews”. If that option isn’t available, contact support.

Use your Google link to ask for a review

You’ll receive a personalized Google review link when you sign up for Local Services Ads. Share your link with customers directly to ask for a review.

Mark leads as booked and ask for a review (US & Canada only)

When you mark a lead as booked, you can choose to ask for a review through Google. By selecting this option, you authorize Google to send an email to your customer with a link to leave you a review. You’ll be asked to provide your customer’s email address (if not provided), and confirm that they agreed to receive this email from Google.
A user interface for a new lead page that allows a provider to decline or book a particular lead.
A user interface demonstrating how to mark a lead as booked.

Ask for Reviews in the “Reviews” tab (US & Canada only)

Ask for a review through Google in the "Reviews" tab of the Local Services app or in the lead inbox on desktop. Next to each job, select "Ask for review". You’ll be asked to provide your customer’s email address (if not provided), and confirm that they agreed to receive this review request email from Google.
A user interface within Local Services Ads that demonstrates where a  provider can ask for reviews from customers.
A user interface demonstrating that Google can ask for a review from a customer.

Use the “Add a Review” feature

Customers who didn’t book your service through Local Services Ads can give you a review by going to the “Reviews” section on your business profile and clicking Add a Review to write a review and give you a star rating.
Note: Financial Planners are an exception and may not request reviews.

Where to access reviews

Your reviews will appear in your business profile. You can also find completed reviews in the “Reviews” section in the Local Services app or lead inbox on desktop.

Note: Approved reviews should appear on your Local Services ad in about 2 business days. All reviews need to pass our approval process before they’re posted. Occasionally, this process takes longer than 2 business days.

Types of reviews

Google verified reviews

Note: Google verified reviews are currently only available in the U.S. and Canada.

Reviews for providers found and hired through Local Services Ads include a "Google verified" label. This means that the customer who wrote the review found the service provider through Google. There are times when a review for a job booked through Google can't be verified. If you notice a review that should be verified, contact us.

A review for a Local Service Ads provider written by a Google reviewer.

Reviews from other sources

Local Services Ads providers can also have reviews for other jobs that aren't booked through Local Services Ads. This could include reviews left on Business Profile or partner affiliate websites. These reviews don’t have a “Google verified” label.

Note: Linked Business Profile reviews are included in ad ranking and review count, but you may not see the content of a review due to consumers’ shared endorsements settings.

Reviews aren't deleted when you leave the program

Reviews collected through Local Services Ads including Google verified reviews won’t be deleted when a provider leaves the Local Services Ads program.

Local Services Ads reviews may be combined with other reviews across Google.

Review policies

Review requirements vary by business category and country, but a business may need up to 5 reviews to go live on Google Search. Review the requirements by category to learn about the review requirements for your business.

If you believe that a review is fake or has otherwise been tampered with contact us. Learn more about Local Services policies

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