Edit your ad

You can edit your ad or business information from the Local Services Ads app or on desktop. Some edits require additional verification and must be done by a support agent.

Note: It may take a few hours before changes go live. Also, updating your job types or service areas will update the types of searches that can trigger your ads.

Edits you can make on your own

Law professionals have the option to add featured professionals and education details in their Local Services Ads account. To add or review featured professionals details, open the “Education” dropdown section of your Local Services Ads accounts, which contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.
  • Business Hours and Ad scheduling: Choose what hours your business is open each day of the week, and when you want your ads to show (business hours, all day, or custom). Select the “temporarily closed” status option if you want to turn off your leads. Learn more about ad scheduling
  • Service Area: Choose what cities or ZIP codes your ad will show. If you’re looking to extend coverage outside of your home state/country, contact us. Learn more about reaching customers with your Local Services Ads
  • Job Types and Industries: Choose what types of leads to receive.
  • Photos: Enhance your ad by showing photos such as employees performing work, or before and after photos. Note that personally identifying photos shouldn't be uploaded. Learn more about Local Services Ads photo guidelines
  • Budget: Your average weekly budget determines the number of leads you’d like to receive in any given week. You may want to increase or decrease your budget to change how many leads you receive. Learn more about editing your budget
  • Business Bio: Showcase important aspects of your business to customers on your profile page with 3 highlight types:
    1. Standard highlights: Select up to 6. Options vary by business type. Examples include locally-owned and operated and 24/7 emergency service.
    2. Covid-19 highlights: Select as many that are true for your business, like contactless payment, video estimates, and protective gear used.
    3. Google-controlled highlights: Google verifies your eligibility for some highlights, like BBB accreditation, before adding them to your profile. If you believe your profile is qualified but missing highlights like these, contact us.
  • Insurance: Add or edit your accepted insurance.
  • Message leads: Turn on/off whether customers can contact you by message.
    • Note: The ability to message leads is currently only available in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Link Business Profile: Link your Business Profile to your Local Services Ads accounts to show Business Profile reviews for jobs that aren’t booked through Local Services Ads. Learn more about Local Services Ads reviews

To edit your ad or business information:

  1. Sign in to your Local Services Ads lead inbox.
  2. Select the menu Nav icon in the top left.
  3. Select Profile & Budget from the menu.
  4. Select the information you want to edit (for example, business hours, service area, job types, or photos).
  5. Enter the new information.
  6. Press Save.

Edits that require help from support

There are some edits that require help from a support agent because additional verification is required. For the following edits, submit documentation such as a Doing Business As (DBA), Business Registration document, or an updated license or insurance document when contacting us with your request:

  • Better Business Bureau Callouts (US and Canada only): Adding BBB accreditation to Business Bio such as BBB Accredited A rated, BBB Accredited A+ rated.
  • Increasing coverage to a new state/country: Adding new states or countries.
  • Change business phone number: Changing the phone number where your calls are routed to. Note that your business phone number must not be a tracking number.
  • Change home city, business address, or business name: Submit a verified DBA, Fictitious Business Name (FBN), or other business registration document.
  • Website: Add or update your website.
  • Linked Business Profile Review: Update the Business Profile review attached to your account. Note that your business details must match.
  • Linked National Provider Identifier (US and health care only): Update the NPI attached to your account. Note that your business details must match.
Note: If you advertise through a partner affiliate, the above information doesn't apply to you. Learn more about Partner affiliate providers.

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