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When you book an eligible Local Services provider on Google, you may be protected by the Google Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of service provided, Google may (in our absolute and sole discretion) reimburse you up to the cost of the initial service, up to a lifetime limit (the maximum aggregate amount you could be reimbursed by Google for all services booked through Local Services in your lifetime).

Your service must be booked through Local Services Ads or the Google Assistant (US only). Add-on or future services, damages to property, dissatisfaction with price or responsiveness of the business, and cancellations aren’t included in the Google Guarantee.

How does the Google Guarantee work?

To benefit from the Google Guarantee, there are two steps:

Step 1: Contact the service provider
First, contact the service professional you worked with to work through any concerns with the work quality.

Step 2: Submit a reimbursement request
If an issue arises, you may contact us to submit a request for reimbursement. The team at Google investigates the issue and gets back to you. Google will verify that you used Local Services to contact the provider by reviewing Local Services' call logs to identify your phone call to the provider. Before we proceed with the review of these logs, we will confirm with you whether you want to proceed with making the reimbursement request. Google may request additional information from you about the service provided when reviewing your reimbursement request. All decisions regarding your eligibility and any payments or reimbursements made to you by Google under the Google Guarantee are made in Google’s absolute and sole discretion.
How long will the Google Guarantee last?
Requests must be submitted within 30 days of the initial service completion date.
Does the Google Guarantee apply to all services booked through Local Services?
You can identify an eligible provider by the Google Guaranteed symbol beside their name and on their profile page.
Do I have to pay for the Google Guarantee?

No, you don’t pay for the Google Guarantee; there’s no cost to you.

Are there things that Google won’t reimburse for under the Google Guarantee?

Yes, the Google Guarantee may protect customers from dissatisfaction with quality of service up to the cost of the initial service, subject to a lifetime limit.

We won’t reimburse for add-on or future projects, damages to property, dissatisfaction with price or responsiveness of the business, or cancellations.
How do I submit a request for reimbursement?

If you contacted the service provider and they couldn’t resolve the issue, contact us to submit a request.

What does it mean if the provider doesn’t have the Google Guarantee?

Providers without the Google Guarantee are not actively advertising with Local Services Ads, and are not backed by the Google Guarantee.

How do I know which providers have the Google Guarantee?
You can tell which service providers have the Google Guarantee because they show the badge . Service providers not covered by the Google Guarantee won’t show the badge:
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