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With Local Services Ads, advertisers pay for high-quality leads. When you've received a poor quality lead, you have had the ability to dispute the lead and get credited. In order to help you stay focused on what matters most to your business, Google is making it easier to receive credit for poor quality leads with Automated Local Services Ads lead credits.

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Starting in July 2024, Local Services Ads is transitioning to an automated lead crediting process for all its advertisers. This change is automatic, and no advertiser action is needed.


With Automated Local Services Ads lead credits, you may notice faster and automatic reviews on every lead, resulting in:

  • Equitable ad credits: A small number of advertisers were disputing a high percentage of leads, while many advertisers weren’t disputing any leads - including those eligible for credit. Automated lead credits will automatically review all leads and credit invalid ones - including ones that you might not have known were eligible for credit.
  • Time savings: Automated lead credits save all businesses time and resources by eliminating the need to manually dispute leads, a particularly valuable benefit for those with limited staff or resources.

How it works

For more than a year, we’ve worked to train machine learning models to understand which leads are high quality. With Automated Local Services Ads lead credits, Google will review all leads and automatically credit invalid leads*.

With this system, there is a shift and Google will no longer be able to support “job type not serviced” and “geo not serviced” leads. However, we’ll still credit more leads on average, overall, and your feedback matters more than ever. To help improve your future leads, fill out the Lead Feedback survey for every lead you receive in your inbox.

*Lead credits aren't available for health care verticals or advertisers in EMEA.

What to expect

For most advertisers, we anticipate that the new system will credit the same or more leads on average, overall.

Usually, credits will be applied to your account balance within 30 days. Note that the original lead charge will still appear on your invoice.

Help us improve

Your feedback in the Lead Feedback Survey is crucial in helping us understand your preferences, so that we may do our best to send you more of the leads that are best suited to your business.

Note: Lead feedback over API will be available in an upcoming version of the Google Ads API.

If you’re receiving unwanted leads, revisit your service areas, job types, and categories. Refine your settings to ensure you're attracting your ideal customers. Remember that any changes you make to these settings could reduce the number of leads you receive.

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