About Local Services Ads bulk account creation

This illustration shows an example of adding Local Services Ads accounts in bulk to a manager account.

When onboarding your provider, you can use the bulk account creation feature in your Local Services Ads manager account to create your accounts in bulk through a CSV upload. This article describes the bulk account creation feature and how to use it.

Before you begin

Bulk account creation is currently only available for manager accounts.


The ability to create accounts in bulk can support the growth of your business and reduce:

  • The time you spend creating multiple provider accounts
  • Your provider onboarding costs and time

How it works

Instead of adding your providers one at a time, the bulk account creation feature allows you to upload up to 100 providers at a time. From your Local Services Ads manager account, you will download and populate a template (CSV file) with the required information for your multiple providers, and then upload the completed spreadsheet.

During the upload, each row in the spreadsheet will be checked for completion and validated. After a successful upload, the bulk creation tool will automatically create an account for each complete and validated row. You will then be guided to move onto the next step for those accounts.


Follow the steps below to create accounts in bulk through your Local Services Ads manager account.

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1. Download the spreadsheet
  1. Sign in to your Local Services Ads account.
  2. Select Managed accounts from the menu Nav icon on the left side.
  3. Click the account creation button .
  4. Select Bulk account creation from the dropdown to continue to the “Add multiple accounts” page.
Note: If this is your first time using the bulk account creation feature, a visual step-by-step guide will provide an overview of the process. After reviewing the guide, click Get started to continue to the “Add multiple accounts” page.
  1. Click the CSV template link to download a copy of the spreadsheet.

This animation shows you how to access the bulk account creation feature in your Local Services Ads account.

2. Enter your provider data into the spreadsheet
  1. The spreadsheet contains mock data. Enter information for each of your providers (up to 100) on a separate row, exactly as the mock data shows.
  2. The user guide (English only) and links below will provide guidance and more information about completing specific fields.
  3. After adding your providers, check to ensure that each row is correct and that all mandatory fields are complete.
  4. Save the spreadsheet to your computer.
3. Upload your completed spreadsheet
  1. From the “Add multiple accounts” page, click Upload CSV file.
  2. Select the “Click to select” link to navigate to your spreadsheet.
  3. Select your saved CSV file and click Open.
  4. Click Upload CSV file.
Note: You will receive a warning message if the CSV file that you uploaded is corrupted, unsupported, empty, or has more than 100 rows. You must correct or replace the file and upload it again.
  1. An “Upload results” window will display a summary that includes the number of rows that were successfully uploaded and the number of rows with errors that were not successfully uploaded.
  2. Click See results. You will return to the “Add multiple accounts” page where you can review a summary and the reports that were generated from your bulk upload.
4. Check for errors

If your bulk upload generated an “error report”, follow the steps below.

  1. From the “Add multiple accounts” page, locate the summary line for your bulk upload.
  2. In the “Actions” column, click Download error report to review the report.
  3. Check column “V” to determine which rows failed to create a provider account due to errors.
  4. Check column “W” for a detailed explanation of the errors.
  5. Correct the errors.
  6. Upload the “Error report” CSV file by following the instructions provided in this article in the “Upload your completed spreadsheet” section above.

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