About professional services

For Local Services providers in professional service verticals, the individuals who engage with clients are referred to as “professionals”. 

These professionals include lawyers, real estate agents, financial planners, and tax specialists and do not include any administrative/assistant personnel, such as office managers, marketers, paralegals, administrative assistants, or receptionists.  

See list of professional verticals


  • Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Business Lawyer
  • Contract Lawyer
  • Criminal Lawyer
  • Disability Lawyer
  • DUI Lawyer
  • Estate Lawyer
  • Family Lawyer
  • Immigration Lawyer
  • IP Lawyer
  • Labor Lawyer
  • Lawyer
  • Litigation Lawyer
  • Malpractice Lawyer
  • Personal Injury Lawyer
  • Real Estate Lawyer
  • Traffic Lawyer
  • Tax Lawyer

Real Estate

  • Real Estate Agent
  • Financial Planner


  • Tax Specialist

We offer professional-specific features to ensure these professionals are properly licensed and are able to highlight their credentials to the consumer. 

Feature Requirement
Primary License Needed for ad to go live
Professional Licenses Needed to get the Google Screened badge
Featured Professionals Optional for all providers but strongly recommended 

Primary License

A primary license is the license of a senior professional at the firm. It needs to be entered and verified in order for an ad to run. Here’s how it works:

  1. During onboarding, a provider enters the primary license in the verification portal. The license is then verified by the verification team.
  2. Once the primary license has been verified, the provider needs to meet the remaining pre-badge ad requirements for the ad to go live:
    1. Business headshot uploaded
    2. Budget set
    3. Billing information entered
    4. At least 1 review

Professionals’ Licenses

To earn the Google Screened badge, a provider in the professional service verticals must enter licenses for all their professionals and those licenses must pass verification. Learn more about the Google Screened badge. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. During the sign-up flow, the provider enters the number of professionals in their business. 

    This number should include themselves if they are a professional. For example, if the business owner of a firm is also a real estate agent, and there are 3 other real estate agents working at the firm, they should put 4 in the total number of real estate agents. 
  2. Once all the professional licenses have been verified, the provider receives the Google Screened badge if they pass all the remaining badge requirements (e.g. insurance and background checks). 

Featured Professionals

To enhance their profile and build more trust with prospective consumers, professional service providers can also feature an unlimited number of professionals on their profile. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. The provider designates the featured professionals, uploads their headshots, and enters their credentials from within the verification portal. 
  2. After they’ve completed onboarding, the provider can see all their professionals in the “Profile & budget” page of Provider web . They can toggle on and off which professional is featured at any time.
  3. Clicking Edit will allow them to edit credentials, update headshots, and re-order featured professionals.

While featured professionals are optional, we strongly encourage providers to feature all the professionals in their business and upload their headshots and credentials so they maximize the number and quality of leads they receive. 



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