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Submit a Court Order to Google

We use this form to review court orders against third parties who have posted allegedly unlawful or infringing content. If your court order is directed to Google, don't use this form - we don't accept service of process here.

If your court order does not identify content specifically by URL, please provide the exact URLs of the content you’re concerned about, and identify what section of the order applies to each URL.

Completing and submitting this form does not guarantee that any action will be taken on your request.

Please note that a copy of each legal notice we receive may be sent to the Lumen project ( for publication and annotation. Lumen will redact the submitter's personal contact information (i.e. phone number, e-mail and address).

You can see an example of such a publication at

We may also send the original notice to the alleged infringer or, if we have reason to suspect the validity of your complaint, to the rights holder.

We may also publish similar information from your notice to our Transparency Report. You may find out more information about the Report here.

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Please note that we will not process your complaint if it isn't properly filled out or if the complaint is incomplete. If multiple Google products are affected, please submit a notice for each affected product.
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