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1. Definitions.
1.1 Applicable Data Protection Laws” has the meaning given to it in the Information Protection Addendum referenced in ISA Section 6.6 (Privacy and Security).
1.2 GDPR” has the meaning given to it in the Information Protection Addendum referenced in ISA Section 6.6 (Privacy and Security).
1.3 Personal Information” has the meaning given to it in the Information Protection Addendum referenced in ISA Section 6.6 (Privacy and Security).
1.4 Minor” means a person under the age of majority in the applicable jurisdiction(s).
2. Research Services.
2.1 Blind Studies. Unless otherwise requested by Google in writing, Contractor will run blind studies using all necessary measures to avoid disclosing that the study is being conducted on Google’s behalf. Contractor will invite only those participants who are comfortable with blind studies and who do not have any objection to participating in a study sponsored by a large technology company. If requested by Google, Contractor will also enable Google team members to observe study sessions either remotely or in-person without disclosing their identity to the participants (to the extent permitted under Applicable Data Protection Laws). To the extent that Personal Information collected during the study session is subject to GDPR and will be shared with Google as a Deliverable, Contractor will:
  (A) ensure that participants are informed, via consent forms, that a client will attend the study session and (if Google has elected to attend anonymously) will be named after the completion of the study session;
  (B) following the conclusion of the study session, disclose that Google is a client that attended the study session; and
  (C) delete, and not share with Google, any Personal Information of participants that withdraw their consent upon disclosure that Google is the client.
2.2 Participant Recruitment. Contractor will identify, screen, schedule, and track participants based on criteria Google provides. Contractor will ensure all participants meet such criteria. Contractor will ensure that participants arrive for the study on time and will have backup participants available as needed.
2.3 Minors. Contractor will not include Minors as part of the Services or the creation of any Deliverables unless expressly approved in advance in writing by Google in a SOW. If Google provides such approval, then:
  (A) Contractor will identify if each participant is a Minor in the jurisdiction relevant to the Services and will provide the following additional Services:
    (1) manage intake of each Minor, including:
      (a) verifying each Minor’s identity and identification of the parents or legal guardians for each Minor; and
      (b) verifying each Minor’s qualifications; and
    (2) collect signed study participant consents from the respective parent or legal guardian of each participating Minor that meets the requirements of the Informed Consent Form described below (the “Minor Consents”).
  (B) Contractor will provide the following additional Deliverables:
    (1) signed Minor Consents; and
    (2) at Google's request, copies of any other related materials showing that parents’ and legal guardians’ identities were checked and consent was given for the study.
2.4 Distribution of Incentives. If incentives will be provided to participants, Contractor will ensure:
  (A) incentives are distributed in a timely manner;
  (B) the incentive amount does not exceed the amount requested by or quoted to Google (as may be applicable);
  (C) incentives are in the form and of the value that is reasonable, commensurate with the level of effort expected of participants in relation the study, and consistent with generally-accepted industry standards;
  (D) government officials and journalists are not targets of the study. Consistent with ISA Section 8.2(I)(2), the term “government officials” includes employees of government-owned or -controlled companies. In many countries, this includes employees of public universities, hospitals, telecom companies, and other entities. It also includes members of royal families; and
  (E) for studies that involve Personal Information collection, Contractor will not retract or decline to provide an incentive offered for participation if a participant withdraws their consent to process its Personal Information part way through a study.
3. Informed Consents
3.1 Informed Consent Form. Unless instructed otherwise by Google, Contactor will prepare an informed consent form (“Informed Consent Form”) for each study, which must:
  (A) clearly and explicitly obtain participants’ consent to collect their Personal Information and explain the purpose of such collection;
  (B) permit Contractor to share participant Personal Information, feedback, ideas, reports, and audio/video study recordings with Google as necessary to provide the Services and Deliverables to Google;
  (C) require that participants not disclose any information relating to the study or any Google Confidential Information;
  (D) identify any Minor participants and verify the minimum age for the participants to provide informed consent in the applicable jurisdiction where the study is taking place; and
  (E) obtain Minor Consents from the respective parent or legal guardian of each participating minor.
3.2 Handling Process. Unless otherwise stated in an SOW, Contractor will prepare, distribute, collect, and track Informed Consent Forms prior to conducting any research activities. Additionally, Contractor will provide Google with evidence of executed Informed Consent Forms, if requested. Contractor represents and warrants that it will obtain participants' informed consent prior to collecting their Personal Information in accordance with Applicable Data Protection Laws, including:
  (A) discussing the Informed Consent Form with prospective participants to ensure that they understand the nature and extent of the consent they are providing in relation to the study;
  (B) for all blind studies that involve collection of Personal Information during the study session that is subject to GDPR, explaining and discussing that the commissioner of the study will be disclosed after the data has been gathered and that once the participant has been informed of the identity of the commissioner, they can choose not to take part in the study; and
  (C) allowing prospective participants sufficient time to review, understand, and ask questions about the Informed Consent Form.
4. Personal Information. Unless an SOW provides otherwise, Contractor will not provide Google with any Personal Information, or any information that Google could use or recognize as personally identifiable information, in connection with any of the Services or Deliverables.
5. Contests. Contractor will not run any contests, prize draws, or competitions on Google’s behalf to incentivize any person in taking part in any part of the Services or providing content or information for the Deliverables or the creation of the Deliverables.
6. Research Standard. Contractor will (1) conduct studies in a non-coercive manner, (2) ensure participation is voluntary, and (3) comply with all applicable ethical guidelines.

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