Generative Code Assistance

Certain Google services now offer experimental access to code assistance features powered by generative AI technology. This page applies to the services and features that link to it.

Use Responsibly

Our generative code features are still experimental and you’re responsible for your use of suggested code or coding explanations. So you should use discretion and carefully test and review all code for errors, bugs, and vulnerabilities before relying on it.


Our generative code features are intended to produce original content and not replicate existing content at length. We’ve designed our systems to limit the chances of this occurring, and we will continue to improve how these systems function. If these features do directly quote at length from a webpage, they cite that page.

Sometimes the same content may be found on multiple webpages and we’ll attempt to point you to a popular source. In the case of citations to code repositories, the citation may also reference an applicable open source license. Complying with any license requirements is your responsibility.

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