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Questions about job searches

If you have questions, concerns, or encounter problems with Kormo, check below for possible solutions.

How do I find specific types of jobs?

We recommend jobs for you based on your profile info, location, preferences, and your activity in the app.

To find specific types of jobs, update your profile info, location, and preferences to reflect the sort of jobs that you’re interested in.

What types of jobs are available?

We currently promote entry-level jobs in categories like retail, logistics, hospitality, and others for early-career job seekers. Some common jobs include retail sales associate, delivery person, server, and warehouse worker.

What does "pre-qualified" mean?

Important: You aren't guaranteed employment for pre-qualified jobs. You still have to go through the employer’s standard interview process.
When you find a job that you’re pre-qualified for, that means we think you’re a great fit for the job. If you apply for the job, you’ll automatically be added to the employer’s interview list and scheduled for an interview.

Why can’t I find the job or interview address?

Until the employer selects you, and you accept in the app, you won’t be able to view an exact location for any job or interview.

To stay up to date on your applications, check your messages in the app frequently. You may also receive emails or SMS messages.

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