Submit feedback on content about you

Information in a knowledge panel generates automatically based on public information on the web.
Anyone can submit feedback on a search feature. If you're a verified user, and if the knowledge panel is about you, we can prioritize your feedback.

Submit verified feedback

Important: To submit verified feedback, you must verify your identity. Once you verify your identity, we can make some corrections directly, like links to social profiles. You can also update your preferences to show the information you chose.

  1. Go to Google Search.
  2. Sign in to the Google Account that you used to verify your identity.
  3. In Google Search, search for your name or the entity you represent.
  4. At the top of the knowledge panel, click Suggest edits. If you don’t find this option, remember:
    • You must sign in with the same Google Account that you used to verify your identity.
    • Your Google Account must be verified to represent this knowledge panel. Verify your identity or use a verified account to add users to the account.
  5. Next to the information you want to report, click Edit . If you have multiple suggestions, submit feedback for each item separately.
  6. In the response box, enter a description of:
    • What’s wrong with the existing information
    • Any content that we should remove
    • Any publicly accessible URLs that support your suggestion
  7. Click Send.

Google reviews feedback from verified users within a few days, and sends a confirmation email with a resolution update about your feedback. This can sometimes take more time.

Suggest specific changes

Update a featured image

If the knowledge panel doesn’t have an image, we can’t add an image by request. However, if an image already exists, you can submit feedback with a new image URL to suggest a replacement.

As a representative, if we accept your suggested image, it takes priority over other images. Your image must be:

  • Appropriate
  • Represent the topic
  • Different from an ad

Learn more about Google's content policy.

To set a featured image:

  1. Go to Google Search.
  2. Sign in to the Google Account that you used to verify your identity.
  3. In Google Search, search for your name or the entity you represent.
  4. At the top of the knowledge panel, click Suggest edits and then Edit .
  5. Add a direct URL of the image.
    • Do not share the website URL where you found the image.
    • Make sure that the URL is publicly accessible in the web and is a direct image that ends in:

      • .jpeg
      • .png
      • Other acceptable image formats
  6. To copy an image URL, right-click the image.
  7. Click Copy image address.

Tip: We can’t remove or reorder related images alongside the feature image. If an image is inaccurate, you can let us know by submitting feedback.

Change the title

The title of a knowledge panel:

  • Describes the entire panel
  • Is generated automatically
  • Is usually the name of a person

If the title is inaccurate, submit feedback to let us know what’s wrong.

Update a subtitle


  • Google doesn't accept or create custom subtitles.
  • If we remove a non-representative subtitle, our systems automatically select another one.
  • If there isn’t another subtitle available, the knowledge panel won’t have one.

The subtitle of a knowledge panel is the description below the title. Subtitles are generated automatically. If you submit feedback that shows automated subtitles are inaccurate, our system can generate a new subtitle based on information in the panel.

For example, our systems might determine that someone is an actor, director, and writer. If our systems select “actor” as the subtitle and we receive feedback, it may automatically choose “director” or “writer” as the replacement.

You can request to remove a subtitle when it describes a family, spouse, or romantic relationship. If it’s removed, our system replaces it automatically.

Update a description

Descriptions come from various data sources and can’t be edited. To update descriptions, you can contact the source of the information and ask them to correct it. Changing the source of the information usually causes the information in the knowledge panel to change as well.

If you contacted the source but couldn’t get a description changed, you can submit feedback on the knowledge panel. Explain that you contacted the source and provide strong evidence for why the description is inaccurate.

If the evidence is strong, we can remove the description but we can’t create a custom description. Our systems may attempt to add a description from other sources, but usually the knowledge panel goes without a description.

Add social profiles

You can suggest new social profiles or edit existing ones. We can’t change the order that profiles appear in.

Remove personal information

You can choose to leave out certain personal information on a knowledge panel about you. For example, you can ask to remove:

  • Date of birth
  • Relationships and children
  • Marital status
  • Subtitles about a relationship

To remove certain information:

  1. Go to Google Search.
  2. Sign in to the Google Account that you used to verify your identity.
  3. In Google Search, search for your name or the entity you represent.
  4. Next to the information, click Edit .
  5. In the text box, describe the information you want to remove. Specify that you want to opt out from showing it in the knowledge panel.
  6. Click Send.

Update other items

Important: Google may not make a change you request if:

  • It contains inappropriate content.
  • We can't confirm its accuracy.

Generally, Google only changes or removes content based on Google Search policies. For example, you can provide feedback about the “People also search for” section, but we can only remove items if they don’t follow Google’s policies. Because this content is based on public information on the web and automatically developed by our system, we can’t customize it or add suggestions.

If you believe you have located a specific piece of content that is unlawful, you may use this form to Report a legal removal issue.

How Google reviews your suggestions


Google reviews your feedback for accuracy by comparing it with other public information on the web. After the review is complete, we email you the resolution.

If we accept your suggestion, it’s updated in the Knowledge Graph. This feedback helps Google return more useful search results.

If you have any questions, you can contact us.

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