Important information for grownups about Kids Space

How does Google Kids Space work with Family Link and Google Account for your child?
Google Kids Space works with Family Link to let you set digital ground rules to help guide your children as they learn, play, and explore. You have to set up a Google Account for your child and manage it using Family Link before you can use Google Kids Space. Family Link lets you do things like manage apps and limit screen time. Choices you make in Family Link will carry over for your child across devices when used with your child's Google Account (for example, in Google Kids Space and on your child's Chromebook). Google Kids Space currently only works with supervised Google Accounts for children under the age of consent in their location.
Google Kids Space also uses YouTube Kids and Google Play Books to recommend content. You must set up YouTube Kids with your child's account before your child can access recommended videos in the Watch and Make tabs, and must install Google Play Books before they can access books in the Read tab. Google Kids Space will prompt you to set up or install these apps when you start use.
What can children access in Google Kids Space? Availability will vary by region.
Play: In the Play tab, depending on region, children can find apps that are already installed on their device, as well as Google Kids Space recommended apps that are free to install and teacher-approved. You can choose to allow your child to download free to install, teacher-approved apps through Google Kids Space without prior approval or to require pre-installation parental approval. We explain how recommended apps are selected below. You can install apps beyond those recommended by Google Kids Space through the Google Play store, available through the Parent menu.
Read: In the Read tab, depending on region, children will have access to free books that were selected by experts. Some of these books are specially licensed from publishers specifically for Google Kids Space and otherwise would not be freely accessible. Children will also have access to books purchased through Google Play Books, or children's books that were added to their family library.
Watch: In the Watch tab, depending on region, children can access recommended videos sourced from YouTube Kids. You must set up YouTube Kids before your child can access recommended Watch content.
Make: In the Make tab, depending on region, children can access recommended videos about offline activities sourced from YouTube Kids. You must set up YouTube Kids before your child can access Make content.
Google Kids Space includes a Parent menu that lets you navigate to Google Play to add additional content not already part of Google Kids Space. Through Family Link, you can control what apps your child may download should they find their way to Google Play through the Parent menu, or third-party ads or pop-up notifications in some apps.
What parental controls are available for Google Kids Space?
You can help manage your child's use of Google Kids Space through Family Link, which allows you to do things like monitor your child's screen time, decide what apps your child can download, and more.
In addition to Family Link controls, Google Kids Space lets you change the following settings to reflect what you think is best for your child.
  • App approvals: You can choose to allow your child to install Google Kids Space recommended apps specially selected for kids their age, or you can choose to review each app before it's installed. This requires you to approve each app before it's downloaded, by entering your password or approving requests using Family Link on your device. Keep in mind that apps previously downloaded or shared through the Family Library won't require additional approvals.
  • Apps with ads: You can choose to hide recommended apps with ads. This limits future app recommendations by Google Kids Space to only include those apps with no ads. Selecting this option will limit the number of recommended apps. This setting does not affect apps with ads that were previously installed on the device. In Family Link, you can see which apps that have ads are available to your child and you can choose to block those apps.
Regional differences in content
Some content in Google Kids Space will vary by region and language. The Watch and Make tabs will only appear in regions where YouTube Kids is available. The Read tab will only appear in regions where Google Play Books is available. Books, apps and app content also may vary depending on the availability in a particular country.
How are apps in the Play tab selected?
Apps that come with Google Kids Space have been approved by teachers and children's education and media specialists. Apps are only approved if they are thoughtfully designed, fun, and age-appropriate.
Google Kids Space recommended apps are organized by audience age group. The apps your child sees will be based on the age that is listed for them in their Google Account.
Our corpus of teacher-approved apps is updated regularly as apps are added or removed. Availability of apps may change without notice. Apps that are removed from the teacher-approved collection will not be automatically deleted from your child's device. To prevent your child from accessing an app that is no longer part of Google Kids Space, you can block it using Google Kids Space or Family Link.
How are books in the Read tab selected?
The "All" section and the interest-based filters of the Read tab are populated with content from Google Play Books that is free for children in Google Kids Space. The books currently available to Google Kids Space users were selected by experts. Some are specially licensed from publishers specifically for Google Kids Space and otherwise would not be freely accessible.
Content in the Read tab varies by region. The "My Books" section of the Read tab is populated with books your child owns through Google Play Books or through their Family Library. Any books a child opens from the "All" section will be automatically added to "My Books."
What devices support Google Kids Space?
Currently, Google Kids Space is only available on the Lenovo Tab M10 (2nd Gen) and Lenovo Smart Tab M10 HD (2nd Gen).
Where is Google Kids Space available?
Google Kids Space is available everywhere Google Accounts for children and Family Link parental controls are available.
Collection and use of information and personal data on Google Kids Space
For complete information about our data practices, please see the Family Link Privacy Notice.
YouTube Kids on Google Kids Space
Google Kids Space uses YouTube Kids, a separate app made just for kids, to populate the Watch and Make tabs. The Watch and Make tabs will not appear in countries where YouTube Kids is not yet available. Parents can decide whether to permit their children to access YouTube Kids.
When Google Kids Space users access the YouTube Kids app, YouTube Kids settings apply. The YouTube Kids Parental Guide provides further details on YouTube Kids settings and how YouTube Kids recommends content.
The YouTube Kids app has parental controls that enable you to customize your child's individual experience. You can decide what content to make available for them to watch, set a timer to control screen time, block videos or channels, and more. Learn more about tips and tools for your family on the YouTube Kids app here.
Google Play Books in Google Kids Space
Google Kids Space uses Google Play Books to populate the Read tab. The Read tab will not appear in countries where Google Play Books content is not available.
Chrome and Google Search in Google Kids Space
You can decide whether to let your child use Google Chrome during device setup when you review pre-installed apps, after device setup by blocking Google Chrome, or at any time from Family Link. If you allow your child to use Google Chrome, by default they will need to ask for your permission before they visit websites and domains. You can customize Chrome settings using Family Link.
You can turn off Google Search during device setup when you review pre-installed apps, or at any time from Family Link. By default, SafeSearch is turned on for your child’s account. SafeSearch helps filter sexually explicit search results like pornography on Google Search.
Google Assistant in Google Kids Space
Google Assistant is not available in Google Kids Space.
Does advertising appear in Google Kids Space?
Some apps and videos in Google Kids Space may have advertising. Developers of apps in Google Kids Space are expected to abide by relevant laws and regulations regarding advertising to children, as well as relevant Google policies like our Designed for Families policy which place certain restrictions on developers with regard to advertising.
You can remove recommendations for apps with advertising during device setup or at any time using Family Link. Making this change will decrease the number of apps available. Any apps with ads that are already installed will continue to function unless you block them. You can review and block apps with ads through Family Link.
You can also subscribe to YouTube Premium (where available) to remove paid ads from YouTube Kids (Learn more).
Google Kids Space and the Google Play store
The full Google Play store is available to parents through the Parent menu at the bottom right corner of the screen behind the parents icon. You can choose to download apps from Google Play that otherwise would not be available to your child in Google Kids Space. Tap on "Add content" in the Parent menu to go to Google Play.
Google Play is separate from Google Kids Space. Your child may visit Google Play if they click on ads or pop-up notifications in some apps, or through the Parent menu. Downloading new apps and other content using the Google Play store requires your prior approval by default. You can manage these settings through Family Link.