How to use Google Keep

You can create, edit and share notes with Google Keep. 

Step 1: Download the Google Keep app

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play app Play Store.
  2. Find the Google Keep app.
  3. Tap Install.

Step 2: Get started

You can create, edit, organise and archive notes.

Use dual pane on tablets with large screens

On Android devices with large screens, you can use the Google Keep app in dual pane view. On the left pane, you'll see your notes and lists. If you tap a note or list, it will open in the right pane.
To switch to full-screen mode, at the top, tap Full screen Full screen. To switch to dual screen mode, at the top, tap Dual pane Dual pane.
Important: Dual pane is available if your device screen is >840 dp and you use the Google Keep app in landscape mode.

Step 3: Share and work with others

To let someone see and edit your note, share the note with them. Learn how to share notes.

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