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Create a list with AI in Google Keep (Workspace Labs)

This feature is gradually rolling out and may not be available to you yet.

Important: This article refers to Google Workspace Labs, a trusted tester program for users to try new AI features. Workspace Labs is currently available to trusted testers in English. It may not be available in your country or region. Learn where you can use Workspace Labs.

On Google Keep, you can use AI to create a new list when you select the "Help me create a list" prompt.

This feature is currently available on Android.

Use AI to create a list

  1. On your Android device, open the Google Keep app .
  2. Tap Create .
  3. On the bottom right, tap Help me create a list .
  4. Enter a prompt. For example:
    • "Packing list for a camping trip with 2 kids in summer"
    • "Classic movies to watch on Halloween"
    • "Spring cleaning checklist for a 2-bedroom apartment"

      Tip: For better results, write specific instructions. For example: "Groceries for a week for a vegetarian family of 3."
  5. Tap Create.
  6. (Optional) After the list generates, you can:
    • Send feedback about the suggested list: Tap Good suggestion or Bad suggestion .
    • Edit your prompt: At the top of the window, tap the prompt. Edit your prompt and tap Refresh.
  7. Tap Insert.

Give feedback on a generated list

Gemini for Google Workspace is constantly learning and may not be able to support your request.

If you get a suggestion that’s inaccurate or that you feel is unsafe, you can submit feedback to let us know. Your feedback can be used to enhance AI-assisted Workspace features and expand Google efforts in AI.

  1. Below the generated list, select Good suggestion or Bad suggestion .
  2. If you select Bad suggestion , you can select the issue you found and enter additional feedback.
  3. (Optional) To review data that will be attached with your feedback, at the bottom, select What data will be attached? If you don’t want to include the data with your feedback, uncheck "Attach collected data to your feedback to help us improve the product experience".
  4. Select Submit.

To provide general feedback on this feature, open the Menu Google Play Store Menu Icon and select Help and feedback.

To report a legal issue, create a request.

Turn off the "Help me create a list" button

To turn off any of the features on Google Workspace Labs, you must exit Workspace Labs. If you exit:

Learn about Workspace Labs feature suggestions

  • Workspace Labs feature suggestions don’t represent Google’s views and should not be attributed to Google.
  • Do not rely on Workspace Labs features as medical, legal, financial, or other professional advice.
  • Workspace Labs features may suggest inaccurate or inappropriate information. Your feedback makes Workspace Labs more helpful and safe.
  • Do not include personal, confidential, or sensitive information in your prompts.
  • Google uses Workspace Labs data and metrics to provide, improve, and develop products, services, and machine learning technologies across Google.
  • Reviewers may also read, rate, annotate, and review your Workspace Labs data. Google uses Google-selected input, described in the Privacy Notice, to generate output. Google may aggregate and/or pseudonymize the content and output generated before review, unless specified as part of your feedback to Google.

Review the Google Workspace Labs Privacy Notice and Terms for Personal Accounts.

Learn how Workspace Labs data is collected in Google Keep

When you use the "Help me create a list" prompt in Google Keep, Google collects and stores the following data:

  • Prompts you enter
  • Generated text
  • Your feedback on generated text

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