Jump Start Program FAQs

What is Jump Start?

The Jump Start program is a camera loan program aiming to connect creators with VR cameras.  It was established to literally 'Jump Start' creators in the realm of stereoscopic VR video by providing access to Google VR's Jump technology.  Jump Assembler is Google's award winning, cloud-based VR video stitcher, operated through the GoPro Odyssey and YI HALO camera systems.

Who can apply for Jump Start?

The Jump Start program is open to filmmakers, creators, and production companies looking to capture incredible content in stereoscopic 360.  It is also open to other professionals seeking to adventure into the world of stereoscopic VR video.

What are the selection criteria for Jump Start?

Our evaluation and decision to work with various partners depends on the following criteria:

1. Originality: is the project a new idea?
2. Compelling VR narrative: is the project a good fit for the VR medium?
3. Feasibility: is the project possible?

Is there a particular level of experience that Google looks for in Jump Start candidates?

Google does not have a preference for background or style, but does prefer that candidates have at least mono 360 capture experience (though exceptions have been made in the past).

When will I find out whether I have been accepted into the program?

Applications for this round of Jump Start are open from May 21st until June 11th, 2018 and selected participants will hear from the Jump team by close of business on June 18th, 2018.

What kind of camera will I receive?

Selected participants will receive a YI HALO camera rig and access to Jump Assembler for the project submitted.

What hardware is included in my Jump Start kit?

(1) Pelican branded YI HALO case
(1) YI HALO w/ top ring cover
(1) Internal battery
(2) Power cables
(18) 64GB SanDisk Industrial microSD cards
(2) Spare 64GB SanDisk Industrial microSD cards
(2) Spare cameras 
(2) Torx screwdrivers
(1) 4-inch power cable
(1) Lexar HR1 or HR2 high-speed Thunderbolt card reader equipped with (3) Lexar Professional Workflow UR2
(1) AC adaptor and figure 8 cable 
(1) Bluetooth Remote
(1) Packet of (5) spare USB cables

Will I get a tripod with my camera loan?

We do not provide tripods.  You my provide your own tripod and other rigging equipment.  Here a few tips for choosing a tripod for the YI HALO:
- Make sure the load capacity of the tripod is over 25 lbs. (we like the Manfrotto MT057C3-G 057)
- Choose a tripod head with built-in bubble levels for accurately maintaining a level camera (we use the Manfrotto 405 among others)

What are the minimum system requirements for Jump Manager?

- Jump Creator ID
- Mac Pro or MacBook Pro running Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11) or newer
- Lexar HR2 Professional Workflow with Thunderbolt and microSD card readers
- Solid state drives formatted as Mac OS Extended with a Thunderbolt 2 connection
- MicroSD cards containing Jump camera source footage
- Internet connection at 100Mbps or faster

When will I receive my camera?

We aim to ship your equipment as soon as possible, though arrival time may vary depending on when we receive the signed Terms of Service agreement and your location (please keep in mind some places, especially international destinations, do take longer to ship to than others).

When do I need to return the camera?

Cameras are expected to be shipped back to us on or by August 22nd, 2018.  Google's Shipping Specialists will work directly with you to ship the equipment back in the days leading up to this date.  Please note that this is a multi-step process which you will need to initiate prior to the 22nd.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

Google will cover the cost of shipping for selected Jump Start participants, to and from your provided address.

Can I keep my camera longer than the given deadline?

Jump Start camera loans are limited to the period for which you have applied.  Should you wish to have a camera for longer, please re-apply.

How do I get trained on the camera?

Once we receive the signed Terms of Service agreement, we will ship the camera to you and provide tutorials, training materials, and our partner toolkit.

Where can I find shooting best practices?

Can I have access to a Google office or YouTube Space to upload my footage?

It is against Google's policy to allow public access to our corporate network.

How long will I have access to Jump Assembler?

Jump Start participants receive access to Jump Assembler for a period of 3 months, which begins when they receive the camera.

Do I have to pay for stitching?

Stitching is free with the Jump Start program.

Can I use my Jump loan for other projects?

While you have the rig in your possession, you may use it for other projects so long as they are your own and the Terms of Service are respected.  We do ask that all finished pieces captured with Jump be published to our platforms (Daydream or YouTube).

Is there a minimum number of required deliverables for the Jump Start program?

The program requires that all finished content be published to our platforms within the calendar year.

Can I loan my Jump rig to other filmmaker friends?

No, the cameras and Jump Assembler access provided are for Jump Start participants only.

Am I allowed to post about the Jump Start program on social media?

Absolutely!  Please follow the guidelines provided in the partner toolkit you will receive.

Should I tell Google when my piece is published?

Yes, please let your Jump Start contact know when your piece has been published.

Does Google own my content?

Content rights belong to the creator.  Google asks that published content appear on the Daydream or YouTube platforms (non-exclusively).

Can Google promote my piece once it is published?

This will be determined on a case by case basis.  Please let your Jump Start contact know when your piece has been published.

If I filmed with a Jump rig through the Jump Start program, am I allowed to post on non-Google platforms?

You are allowed to post on non-Google platforms, as long as your content is also posted on a Google platform (Daydream or YouTube).

Can I make an interactive piece?

Yes, you can make an interactive piece as long as it is a good fit for Daydream.

How do I get a Daydream for an interactive piece?

We do not have Daydream-ready phones and Daydream Views available for loan, you will need to source your own.  Learn more about Daydream-ready devices.

Got questions?

Email jump-start@google.com with questions about the program.
Email jump-help@google.com with all technical questions regarding the camera rig or Jump Assembler.