Jump workflow

The Jump ecosystem includes several components, from image capture through publishing the final project to YouTube.

Get a Jump Creator ID

A Jump Creator ID is assigned to every new person or group who receives a Jump camera. It is the login ID that enables access to Jump for uploading and downloading your stitches from the cloud. You won't be able to use Jump Assembler without it. Learn more about Jump Creator IDs 

Each Jump Creator ID is attached to a Google Group where you can manage and add members to suit the needs of your team. Learn more about managing Google Groups

Capture video and photos using a Jump camera

Jump works closely with camera partners to design multi-camera systems that have geometries optimized to work with our computer vision algorithms and cloud stitching system. Our cameras capture the world in 360˚ in the highest quality possible. Learn more about Jump cameras 

Import and locally manage files

Jump Manager is a Mac-only desktop application used for importing and organizing your captured media. Jump Manager primarily functions as an interface between imported media on your local drive and Jump Assembler in the cloud. The importing process is easy: create a new project, designate an import location, and insert your SD cards containing Jump media. Jump Manager imports the files, locally creates monoscopic rough stitches, and gives you control over when to upload and download files from the cloud. Learn more about Jump Manager

Stitch in the cloud

Jump uses optical flow stitching algorithms to convert the source files captured by Jump cameras into seamless 3D-360 media. This system is called Jump Assembler. When your files are ready to be stitched, authorize your Creator ID using Jump Manager to gain access to Jump Assembler. Jump Manager uploads the files to a Google Cloud Storage bucket, that in turn send the files through a stitching pipeline. You will receive an email when your stitches are ready to be downloaded in Jump Manager. The resulting stitches are over-under equirectangular videos and photos in both proxy and master resolutions up to 8K x 8K. Optionally, Jump Assembler generates depth maps as separate files. Learn more about Jump Assembler

Edit your content

Edit your 3D-360 videos using a variety of post production tools and plugins. The list of Jump and 3D-360 supported tools is continually growing. Learn more about editing Jump videos

Publish and view on YouTube 

YouTube supports streaming playback for 3D-360 video up to 8K by 8K with ambisonics. Learn more about uploading Jump videos to YouTube

Watch projects made with Jump