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Am i able to buy jamboard license to embed it to my website & conduct online class directly? I was wondering if it's possible to purchase jamboard license so that I can embed the board into my …
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Jamboard is deleting frames and prompting a reload My colleagues and I have used Jamboard (the app, website, and physical board) for about 3 years now.…
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Is jamboard sharing not working for users without Google account a new bug or a feature ? Since recently, whenever I share a jamboard (I changed the setting to be sure it's public), people w…
0 Recommended Answers 14 Replies 5 Upvotes
Limitation of number of users Hi Jamboard team, Recently I was in a jam where ~35 of us were attempting to use a Jamboard - well u…
0 Recommended Answers 70 Replies 225 Upvotes
Why is inserting images not possible for everyone? As an independant trainer, I shared a jamboard with my trainees. One of my trainees could not manage… Jamboard guests unable to see images in jamboard? Only those logged in to google accounts can see? I'm guessing it's a permissions issue, but if I share a link to a jamboard and the user is not logge…
0 Recommended Answers 14 Replies 48 Upvotes
How do I insert Google Slides into a Jamboard? I can do it on my iPhone, but not on my computer. 🤷 Oooo...good question! I've tried it on my computer (HP) through Chrome...no success. I've tried it o… How do I get the Google Meet Grid View on my Jamboard so I can see everyone on the call? I would like to see everyone in the call in one place and not just down the sidebar.
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Error Pushing to Jamboard. I have my jamboard open on my device and the kiosk active. I have the kiosk open. I have the jamboard created and opened the settings all the way. I click on t…
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Can i request a Replacement shipping box? I misplaced mine!!! Help!!! Reached out to support and Benq with no response. Admin please help me - I need to protect this $5k …
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How do I add company Logo a to all jamboard frames? Add a company logo to all jamboard frames
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Add chrome cast support to iPad Jamboard app please I see a cast to board but would be nice to be able to simply cast to any chrome cast device :) pleas…
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how many users can collaborate at once and can i pay to upgrade so more can use it? limiting the number of users, we got to 16 and no more could use it how to turn on voice to text when writing sticky notes? (ipad jamboard app) I'm trying to create a bunch of sticky notes on the iOS app. It takes too long to type everything in… Is it possible to receive an email notification when someone adds to a Jam? A user reached out to me regarding getting email notifications if her teammember adds to one of thei… Feature to Upvote in a Sticky Note Feature Request: Upvote button in the sticky notes to get feedback from jamboard collaborators doesn't write anything trying to write on board e no sign is visible. Signs are visible on preview icon index of hamboard m…
0 Recommended Answers 2 Replies 1 Upvote
I purchased a Jamboard (2nd hand) and need assistance with licensing searching support documentation for an answer.
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Tablet recommendations for Jamboard Looking to start using Jamboard to work with colleagues in remote offices and would like to use a Ta…
0 Recommended Answers 2 Replies 1 Upvote
Open on a Jamboard does not work Hello together, we have two new jamboard hardware in our company since yesterday. So far the devices…
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