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Are there educational discounts for university professors? Trying to learn more about Jamboard and if there are educational discounts for University Professors…
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How do I isolate Jamboard broadcasts to specific buildings? We have setup our Jamboards and are really loving them. For the Google Cast portion we've gotten our… Youtube (and other) videos won't play We're just starting out experimenting, but immediately noticed that any video that people try to pla…
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Students Network Error searching 4 images in JB app. Is there a list of ports to open? Looked on Google and within communities but have not found any documentation on ports to open to all…
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How can I fix horribly broken Handwriting recognition? One of the things that really excited me about Jamboard was its ability to recognize handwriting - b… Writing on shared Jams in a browser on iPads? I just met Jamboard and would like to use it in a one to one iPad classroom. I can create and share …
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How do I restore a jam I deleted? I don’t know what to do. i accidentally deleted a jam and I don’t know how to get it back How can I resize an image when using a non-touchscreen Chromebook? Some of the teachers and students in our district have Chromebooks that are not touchscreens. They h…
First Day of Jamboard for EDU Hi there, We recently launched a new resource hub, where new users can find short tutorials explaini…
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Feature Request PenSupport, Link to Join the Board, or Unique Codes, Copy Online Jamboard Tools I want to use the tools like text recognition and the shapes tool but the options to do so are not t… Writing function not working on the kiosk Any kind of writing/drawing we do on the Jamboard itself has reverted to erasing unless we're using …
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Can JamBoard give us the ability to move images to forward & backward? Can Jamboard give us the ability to Move Images Forward Jamboard casting is tiny. When I cast it shows up in a tiny box in the corner of my board Sometimes the casting is normal, but sometimes it shows up like a tiny icon in the corner of the boa… Is there a better way to lock the document in so I can't resize it? When I resize the document/image within the jamboard/canvas, the markups wouldn't scale with the res… Does it support the portrait screen view? The board/canvas is displayed in landscape mode, not portrait, which limits my view of the document … Hi, I can't export a fìle jamboard in pdf. Error saving file. How can I solve the problem? Hi, I'm writing to you because I installed the jamboard app on a lim with the Android system, the ap… Is it possible to add a video file (located in My Drive) into a Jam session? It seems as though you can only add image files, PDF's and G Docs at this time. What is the purpose of the bottom tool on Jamboard When I write with this tool, the writing disappears! What is the purpose of this tool in my image?
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