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'More Actions' Menu not Showing in Web Browser This only occurs in my education domain account. (But I know I am in an OU that has Jamboard turned … our Jamboard is locked up and nothing works. Is there a reset? Unlock the Jamboard. It updated and now will not do anything. What is this for Don't know what the purpose of the app is for Pixel pen does not work well with jamboard I am trying to use the pixel pen on a pixel book with the jamboard app. The pen does not work well a…
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Can I monitor students interaction? I am wanting to use Jamboard in my lessons but IT support is reluctant to open Jamboard to student i… Youtube (and other) videos won't play We're just starting out experimenting, but immediately noticed that any video that people try to pla…
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Is there a limit on the number of participants on a jam at the same time? I am using jam board web-based for student discussion. Is there a limit to the number of participant… BUG,...maybe Feature. CANNOT create new Frames on iPhone It is not possible to create Frames on the iPhone but on the Ipad is possible. Bug or Feature! Pleas… Online Jamboard Tools I want to use the tools like text recognition and the shapes tool but the options to do so are not t… Feature Request: Add Math Features Used for presentation in math classes, (These are all features present in OneNote for Windows 10 tha… Unable to used full features of jamboard in mobile. How to enable them. I have a samsung M30 phone I have downloaded the Jamboard app from playstore. The videos below claim all features work on all d… ADD FEATURE: Run Code on the Whiteboard Add Code: Python, JavaScript, XX, the Code could be run! Live on the Whiteboard! Awesome Math Featur… Is there a Jamboard equivalent offered by Google that'd let us use our 16'x10' laser projector? We have a large instruction auditorium, holding 150 students that would not be practical for a Jambo… Jamboard app on google play is not compatible with our Chromebox. Reason? Works on Chromebook. Just trying to get the Google Play app to work on our Chromebox machines. They work on Chromebooks, … My students are not able to load images on their Jamboard. Is there another way? My students are trying to load an image on their jamboard. It just keeps working like it will load b…
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