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Is Google Jamboard anonymous? Will students be able to see who is posting what reply? I have invited co-workers to sign on to Jamboard, and I can see their names attached to the answer.
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All jamboards missing I have been using it all year and then today every single one of them was gone! HELP!!!!!! Logged ou…
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I cannot access my jamboard from jamboard.google.com or from drive.google.com. Since this morning, I cannot access any jamboard from https://jamboard.google.com/. The page won't e…
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Jamboards not loading. Stuck at "Loading your Jam files..." I was working on a bunch of Jamboard templates yesterday for my school division. Now this morning, n… I need more colors in my Jamboard. Can you please add some more? I need more colors as there are too few, only 6 which is not enough for a map worker like me.
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Jamboard does not load on Mac Hi... I have been using Jamboard for teaching since September without any problems. Just this mornin…
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How can I have my jamboard working again? I have a blank screen and I'm not able to access or edit When I'm opening Jamboard I have a blank screen. It doesn't allow me to access it or edit it. I've t…
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Jamboard not loading when signed into Google The Jamboard link I received from a colleague will not open, it just shows a blank screen with the t…
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Is Jamboard web service down? Since Monday, my Jamboard files do not load in my Chromebook. Hello there. I have been using Jamboard web as PWA since the beginning of the pandemic and this Mond…
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Why is my jamboard not working on my admin account? I've tried opening my Jamboard with my admin account multiple times but it just remains in loading f…
0 Recommended Answers 2 Replies 11 Upvotes
My jamboard page is blank if I try to create a new jam or try to access one I've already created My jamboard page is blank if I try to create a new jam or if I try to access one I've already create…
0 Recommended Answers 10 Replies 13 Upvotes
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