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Support for Docs, sheets, and PDFs dropped? I see references and examples of free form Drive importing from Docs, Sheets, and PDFs. This seems t… Laser Pointer Update When we use laser pointer in jamboard, it starts disapperaing in a moment before completeing the who… How can I insert pdf or ppts in jamboard ? Having this featrue will make the work very easy and productive. Right now we have to create ever sl… I created a Jamboard but I cannot share edit access When I click on allow editing for all members of my school, it does not save. An error message comes…
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How can i redo my camera accses I had tried going to settings that did not work i tried pressing buttons and i can't get it to redo …
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Student work missing from shared JamBoard On Mar 7th, my undergraduate class added ideas to a Jamboard with the idea that we would revisit the… some ideas for jamboard my friend and I are using jamboard to create some series on the site to share with each other and so… Modify font on Sticky I would like to be able to change font size on a sticky. I see several people have asked how to modi… Eraser mapping for Wacom stylus with Jamboard I'm using a Wacom One pen tablet that comes with a stylus with side buttons but no eraser on top. Is…
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How can I keep my students from getting kicked out of Zoom when they click on the link to a Jamboard When I share the link to a Jamboard in a Zoom call, my students get kicked out of the call when they…
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I can’t add materials on the board Hello! I’ve just decided to try jamboard but I have a problem: I can’t attach any materials in the b… how do you get work back that got deleated 17 jams that have my school work on it have been deleted. Plz help. I can't seem to save a frame as an image When clicking on the 3 dots, and selecting the option 'save frame as an image', I am not getting any… I need to extract or export text from post-it notes in Jamboard? Copy/Pasting from hundreds of individual notes is beyond tedious. Images and pdf download is no help… How many people can access and edit a Jamboard at the SAME time? Hello, I need a clear answer on how many people can access a Jamboard and edit at the same time (in … Manage multiple objects at once Feature request - it would be very useful to be able to select multiple objects (ex. sticky notes) a…
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