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I'm trying to register a Jamboard to my org: https://admin.google.com/ac/jamboards returns 500. I have factory reset Jamboard that I'm trying to register on my workspace. https://admin.google.com/… how can i organize my jamboards? For instance, in folders I need advice on how to organize my jamboards. The icon "duplicate" just doesn´t work anymore although I have been using it for many slides before, I keep clicking on "duplicate" but it just doesn´t work anymore Unable to display Jamboard: Please enable WebGL I've tried enabling WebGL on both Chromium and Firefox, and I even tried forcing it, but to no avail… Where did my jamboard go? Hello, I'm not sure what happened but my jamboard seems to have diasppeared? When I access the link …
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How do I duplicate an existing jamboard to I can reuse a lesson for another student? I am using it to help my students online how do I delete one of my pages but not the other? I have pressed the 3 dots on the top that say "rename, download as a PDF, save frame as image, remov… Copying images from Jamboard to Slides? When I try to copy and paste (Ctrl C+ Ctrl V) an image from Jamboard to Google Slides, a blank text … How can we lock a Jamboard created in Google Meet so students can no longer contribute? A teacher created a Jamboard within Google Meet and had students collaborated together. When she wan… My Jamboard shows "Unable to load file" from time to time. My teacher assigned me a Jamboard for the Math Mission. I try to work but it shows 'Unable to load f… How do I ensure that a person logs on from 1 device rather than multiple devices? I share the link for Jamboard lesson(6 students). Then instead of a small group on Jamboard, there a… Theres a max of 50 collaborators per jam; can I therefore have several boards with different people? I know there is a maximum of 50 collaborators per board, but is it therefore possible to have differ… Hi I have followed the instructions to shar jamboard but my participants still are unable to accept. Hi I have followed the instructions to shar jamboard but my participants still are unable to accept.…
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why can i only have 20 page in the jambored to add more then 20 page
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Is it possible to add more than one person manage a single Jamboard? We were wondering if one person sets up a Jamboard if there was any way to assign more than one mana…
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How to make more pages than the limit I"ve clicked so many pages for a pratice jamboard and I want 80 slides (or maybe 100)
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Is it possible to change the font in jamboard when using handwriting to text? Using the handwriting to text function. I love the idea that it turns to a recognisable font, but I …
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Why is my graphing only showing up on the teacher's page and not mine? When we draw on the graph, the drawing appears only on the admin's page. We can't see anything.
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Is there a way to drag multiple images on Jamboard at the same time, rather than one by one? i have many images to put on the Jamboard but it take a very long time to drag them in one by one, a…
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