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Can JamBoard give us the ability to move images to forward & backward? Can Jamboard give us the ability to Move Images Forward We have gsuite company. "Team storage", "my storage". I only get access in Jamboard to my storage!? In the gsuite company Google drive, I have access to to both. But in Jamboard app, I only can upload… Hi, I can't export a fìle jamboard in pdf. Error saving file. How can I solve the problem? Hi, I'm writing to you because I installed the jamboard app on a lim with the Android system, the ap… What is the purpose of the bottom tool on Jamboard When I write with this tool, the writing disappears! What is the purpose of this tool in my image? How does this work Everything How do i take a screen shot of entire screen of my google jamboard? I want to take screen shots of entire screen of my google jamboard. i need simple user guide for my Google Jamboard, so please tell how will i get it? I need simple user guide for my google Jamboard. Does the Google Jamboard have the ability to Save as an Animated Gif or MOVI? Since the jamboard has many frames, is it possible to save the jamboard as an ANIMATION that can be … How to reset a Jamboard to factory defaults? Hello, We have borrowed a Jamboard for evaluation. It had already been enrolled to another organisat… Why am i receiving inconsistent results when casting videos? when i first cast video from my android, it appears small. after several attempts (stop casting, rec… bypass activation screen was using jamboard on "License Expired Mode" but accidentally hard reset the kiosk and now it is ask… Technical issue: I cannot resize just the selected object. The whole screen zooms in or out. Also cannot move the selected object. The entire screen shifts to the side. Unable to share jams with another user using the Jamboard tablet app. Hi there, I downloaded the Jamboard app on my Android tablet and tried to share a jamboard with anot… our Jamboard is locked up and nothing works. Is there a reset? Unlock the Jamboard. It updated and now will not do anything.
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