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Unable to share jams with another user using the Jamboard tablet app. Hi there, I downloaded the Jamboard app on my Android tablet and tried to share a jamboard with anot… our Jamboard is locked up and nothing works. Is there a reset? Unlock the Jamboard. It updated and now will not do anything. What is this for Don't know what the purpose of the app is for Pixel pen does not work well with jamboard I am trying to use the pixel pen on a pixel book with the jamboard app. The pen does not work well a…
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We have video conferencing app bluejeans along with GSuite in our office, will Jamboard support it Can I use bluejeans on this device? does it support android apps? Unable to used full features of jamboard in mobile. How to enable them. I have a samsung M30 phone I have downloaded the Jamboard app from playstore. The videos below claim all features work on all d… Jamboard app on google play is not compatible with our Chromebox. Reason? Works on Chromebook. Just trying to get the Google Play app to work on our Chromebox machines. They work on Chromebooks, … You Tube will not cast to my jamboard, It starts but then I get the spinning circle I have tried to cast from mulitple devices, it will not work Is it possible to deactivate the automatic updates? If yes, how? Searched through all settings. We have gsuite company. "Team storage", "my storage". I only get access in Jamboard to my storage!? In the gsuite company Google drive, I have access to to both. But in Jamboard app, I only can upload… Is there an official Jamboard SDK? The Jamboard's software is limited and essentially vendor locked I need to know the Hardware specifications for the JamBoard. i.e. CPU, GPU, Memory etc On the verge of disassembly.
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ADD Feature: Live view of a Website Add a webpage. It will be updated each x seconds. You can do awesome stuff then. coggle.it you mindm…
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Remote Certificate enrollment Management Hello, As many company where security is a no-brainer, the method describes to install WiFi certific… Can you simulcast to multiple jamboards? I'm considering a purchase.
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Issue with how App Displays on 12" Chromebook (Lenovo) We've noticed within the app on our Lenovo Chromebooks that the background of popups (renaming, shar…
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Using Jamboard - Instructions Wondering, If anyone has a set of instructions on how to use the jamboard for office use, Something … When you share a jamboard can I find out who wrote a specific entry? Who wrote?
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