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How can i resize the virtual "paper" sheet. Working on PC. As i am only working virtually im searching something to resize the virtual paper sheet. I only can … Can I monitor students interaction? I am wanting to use Jamboard in my lessons but IT support is reluctant to open Jamboard to student i… Video other than YouTube videos won't plan and web pages will not open. Any idea how to fix this? I only can play youtube videos from the board and web pages won't open. I am able to search, but I c… Is there a limit on the number of participants on a jam at the same time? I am using jam board web-based for student discussion. Is there a limit to the number of participant… Can I type text on my chromebook to the jamboard? Such as add text to a document or screen? I would like to be able to type text to the screen? Online Jamboard Tools I want to use the tools like text recognition and the shapes tool but the options to do so are not t… Feature Request: Add Math Features Used for presentation in math classes, (These are all features present in OneNote for Windows 10 tha… What does it mean when it says Invalid credentials (invalid picker token)? whenever i try to access photos in google jamboard, it always send me an error saying "Invalid crede… ADD FEATURE: Run Code on the Whiteboard Add Code: Python, JavaScript, XX, the Code could be run! Live on the Whiteboard! Awesome Math Featur… You Tube will not cast to my jamboard, It starts but then I get the spinning circle I have tried to cast from mulitple devices, it will not work FEATURE REQUEST: Drag, Files ONTO the Board Lets have a look on basic features: - Drag an Drop is a must, Drag any file onto the board, PDF, Pic… BUG: Uploading ist faster, when the slide has beedn changed BUG: Uploading ist faster, when the slide has beedn changed. How to reproduce: 2 Devices: ipad pro a…
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cannot 'dot' 'i's When using the tools and trying to handwrite our teachers have discovered that it is not possible to… Google keep drawing integration style to replace current Jamboard style of writing? I use google keep to write a lot using my digital tablet and sometimes on my phone. This is a sugges… Add additional sticky note colors Add additional sticky note colors Doodle Pen, Crashes the Webinterface Well, it crashes. Feature Request: ADD PDFs, Basic Feature, ADD PDFS, COPY
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