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Error Pushing to Jamboard. I have my jamboard open on my device and the kiosk active. I have the kiosk open. I have the jamboard created and opened the settings all the way. I click on t…
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Can i request a Replacement shipping box? I misplaced mine!!! Help!!! Reached out to support and Benq with no response. Admin please help me - I need to protect this $5k …
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How do I move a pencil drawing to another frame? When I select objects, I get a right and left arrow on the edges of my screen for moving them the ne…
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Are the Google Slides integration and Screenshare features available on the Jamboard hardware yet? Hello Jamboard Community, Back in January 2019, I received an email from BenQ about new updates comi…
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My events are labelled "private" requiring manual entry of the conference code on the kiosk to join When I click on the the scheduled event on the the kiosk, I get a message that it is "private" and I… Critical bugs on The Jamboard Dear Google, this is a neat piece of hardware but there are some very critical problems with the sof…
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Are GIFS not supported on the Jamboard w/ the recent update? We have several teachers who created Jamboard lessons with gifs. With the recent update, the GIFs ar…
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Suggestion: allow me to share Jams with Google groups it would be great if I could share a Jam with my entire office group (group@office.example) vs indiv…
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Suggestion: allow me use my phone as a kiosk controller for an easy mute mic, mute cam, adjust volume for the kiosk during Meet calls, allow me to connect m…
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How do I open previous jams on the kiosk without needing the mobile app / browser? Once a Jam has been closed on the kiosk, it appears the only way to reopen it is via the website or …
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Is it possible to open a URL on the Kiosk, rather than just a search? If I need to open an unindexed website, how do I do this, as the search option obviously doesn't ret… Is it possible to add a video file (located in My Drive) into a Jam session? It seems as though you can only add image files, PDF's and G Docs at this time. Why is my jamboard screen changing from white to light gray. How do I get it to go back to white? I tried changing the background color but it will not take on the light gray slide. Tried duplicatin… Is it possible to share a jam to multiple jams without having to do each one individually? We have 8 Jamboards in our office space, and we would like to be able to share a single jam as a sor… How to move multiple objects between panels? How can you multiple objects between panels in the kiosk (or on phone or Web for that matter)? We ca…
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