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Palm Rejection? Any way to turn on palm rejection like features? Pushing too hard with the stylus or grazing fingers… How to draw a divider line ("painter's tape")? We use 3 fundamental materials in UX / product strategy whiteboarding in my org – dry-erase markers,… Casting to our Jamboards doesn't work anymore since some days. Any ideas what to do? Setting is on Since some days we can't anymore to our Jamboards. The device are no found in the network. However w… bypass activation screen was using jamboard on "License Expired Mode" but accidentally hard reset the kiosk and now it is ask… Jamboard Audio Feedback when on calls Hi, We're currently using the Jamboard with an external microphone and speakers to 'up' the sound qu… I want to show pre-recorded videos on a jamboard. Is this possible? I want to show video on a Jam. It can be a prerecorded video or a live video feed. Is either of thes… Unable to send jams over 10 pages When creating large Jam sessions, usually around 10pages or more, when you try to send the Jam as a … how do i install an android app from playstore. I find the drawing tools in jamboard very weak I find the jamboard drawing tools to be very minimal. is there any way it is possible to install any… jam kiosk has stopped Jamboard freezes and has to be turned off and on again. Regular drop outs when using the board. Erro… How to exit a youtube video being cast to the jamboard? When casting a youtube video to the Jamboard using either iOS or Android, I'm unable to exit the vid… Is there a remote control for this thing? And if not, can we formally request something? On my list of buyer’s remorse issues is that there is no remote control for this thing. The inputs s… Any drivers or application needed for Micro-USB port touch-forwarding support on Jamboard to PC? Connected Laptop using HDMI cable for video and a Micro USB cable for the touch functionality to con… Is it possible to share a jam to multiple jams without having to do each one individually? We have 8 Jamboards in our office space, and we would like to be able to share a single jam as a sor… Where is the microphone on this thing? Where is the microphone on this thing??? Can you connect a keyboard to use for writing instead of handwriting? I do a great deal of lists Can you use a keyboard instead of the handwriting tools. My jamboard isn't producing any audio. What should I try? Volume, settings, bluetoot speaker, chromecasting How can I connect two Jamboards from different domains using a sharing code we are trying to connect two Jamboards to the one Jam using the session code, the two Jamboards are … Do you have a regional lock for Jamboard device? Hello. We would like to buy two Google Jamboard in Spain via BenQ store and move them to Russia. Do … Is it possible to copy/duplicate a draw that we did with the pencil tool? Copy/Duplicate a draw
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