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is jamboard free or paid? everywhere talks and topics about payment in help section Jamboard "about section" and everywhere else like in community and all, the talk is all about paymen… Both Jamboards not Showing up as Chromecast Targets We have two jamboards. We often Chromecast presentations to them, but they no longer appear in the l… How do you cast from Chrome to a Jamboard? Cast from a tab in Chrome to the Jamboard Factory Reset Function not working?? Hi there, We follow the Google instruction of doing the hardware reset, but it seems this function i… We have video conferencing app bluejeans along with GSuite in our office, will Jamboard support it Can I use bluejeans on this device? does it support android apps? How do you buy a wall mount (as its own thing, not in the packaged deal)? Searched the internet and Google sites but cannot find the answer Youtube (and other) videos won't play We're just starting out experimenting, but immediately noticed that any video that people try to pla…
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our Jamboard is locked up and nothing works. Is there a reset? Unlock the Jamboard. It updated and now will not do anything. Touch function area There is a small area on the upper left portion of the Jamboard near the menu area where touch does … Unable to used full features of jamboard in mobile. How to enable them. I have a samsung M30 phone I have downloaded the Jamboard app from playstore. The videos below claim all features work on all d… Wifi certificate management Hi there, Recently we had few Corp companies customers are asking to they need to connect Jamboard w… Is there a Jamboard equivalent offered by Google that'd let us use our 16'x10' laser projector? We have a large instruction auditorium, holding 150 students that would not be practical for a Jambo… return policy What is your return policy? We have one jamboard in our Paris office, would buy one for our SF offic… Share jamboard codes never work Share codes never work - we've had the Jamboard for over a week now. google meet is minimized. How to maximize? google meet is minimized on jamboard. How to maximized?
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