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Volume Control when using HDMI input? We're looking to connect via HDMI a DVD player to our Jamboard, however the volume buttons on the ba…
What's New in Jamboard? For the full list of releases, please check the Jamboard Help Center. Last updated on September 18th…
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Is it possible to record jams as they happen? (for video lesson?) I am extremely intrigued by the jamboard. As a google apps school, we have integrated many tools int… Admin Setup & FAQs Last updated 11/30/2018 Does my Jamboard have to be enrolled in our domain? Yes. To enroll a Jamboar…
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How do I delete the app (Jamboard) look for a link or any help topi with the word delete, How to reset a Jamboard to factory defaults? Hello, We have borrowed a Jamboard for evaluation. It had already been enrolled to another organisat… Why am i receiving inconsistent results when casting videos? when i first cast video from my android, it appears small. after several attempts (stop casting, rec… Both Jamboards not Showing up as Chromecast Targets We have two jamboards. We often Chromecast presentations to them, but they no longer appear in the l… how to generate meeting id in google jamboard? I have jamboard device. but i dont know how to generate meeting ID in google Jamboard. please help How to clean the Jamboard cache? Hi there, We notice Google has down several OTA to Jamboard in past few months, but our Jamboard bec… our Jamboard is locked up and nothing works. Is there a reset? Unlock the Jamboard. It updated and now will not do anything. Hi! When will Jamboard support full screen video with a toogle key to switch between video and presentation? Customers asks for full screen video when not presenting. Can Jamboard set a fix IP address? Hi there, Just wondering, can we set a fix IP address on Jamboard? Thanks Can you open excel files from your drive for viewing on jamboard Open excel and word documents from you drive on jamboard What is this for Don't know what the purpose of the app is for How can I cast my laptop to Jamboards so that I do not have to use an HDMI cable to connect. How to cast my laptop to Jamboards so that I do not have to connect via HDMI cable and we can connec… is jamboard free or paid? everywhere talks and topics about payment in help section Jamboard "about section" and everywhere else like in community and all, the talk is all about paymen…
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