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Students Network Error searching 4 images in JB app. Is there a list of ports to open? Looked on Google and within communities but have not found any documentation on ports to open to all…
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How can I fix horribly broken Handwriting recognition? One of the things that really excited me about Jamboard was its ability to recognize handwriting - b… Message not working Text not working
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How to change timezone in Jamboard device? We have two Jamboards, one of the Jamboard devices has the wrong timezone. I can not find anywhere i…
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How can I resize an image when using a non-touchscreen Chromebook? Some of the teachers and students in our district have Chromebooks that are not touchscreens. They h… Does it support the portrait screen view? The board/canvas is displayed in landscape mode, not portrait, which limits my view of the document … Why connecting to video calls was removed from the app? Why connecting to video conferences was removed from the app? This was the only way to share handwri…
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Hi, I can't export a fìle jamboard in pdf. Error saving file. How can I solve the problem? Hi, I'm writing to you because I installed the jamboard app on a lim with the Android system, the ap… missing tools Some tools are not there whn I ty to use jamboard and I cannot find out why. The missing tools are h… Draw order How can we set the order of the elements in jamboard? Which one will be at the back and which one at… How to elegantly share a jamboard to an existing meeting? We are a big fan of your jamboard. We recently bought ipads for all our staff which they use to shar… Web search is not available in my taskbar. How can I solve this? I am demoing using the Jamboard app to cast from my iPad to my interactive whiteboard. I would like … How do I shut off the on-screen keyboard while in tablet mode? I have searched online to see if others had the same issue, I have turn my on-screen keyboard on and… Technical issue: I cannot resize just the selected object. The whole screen zooms in or out. Also cannot move the selected object. The entire screen shifts to the side. Unable to share jams with another user using the Jamboard tablet app. Hi there, I downloaded the Jamboard app on my Android tablet and tried to share a jamboard with anot… turnoff (or move) preview screen on ios ipad Using jamboard on IOS/iPad and can't access any content behind the meet preview window. Can it be mo…
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