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How do I restore a jam I deleted? I don’t know what to do. i accidentally deleted a jam and I don’t know how to get it back Features request - infinite canvas Jamboard is just about perfect for me to use in the classroom. If I could make the slides larger or … Is there any way to retain the original share settings when you refresh a jam code? When a jam code is refreshed, the share settings for the group are modified from our "template" sett… Is there any way within the app (i.e. rather than via email) to request ownership of a Jam? It would appear the only way to ask for ownership of a Jam is via email to the current owner. The ab… When I start a video call, how can I make the video full screen on Jamboard? We want to use Hangouts Meet with full screen on Jamboard, but we couldn't find a way to do this. Do… BUG,...maybe Feature. CANNOT create new Frames on iPhone It is not possible to create Frames on the iPhone but on the Ipad is possible. Bug or Feature! Pleas… Are you able to edit google docs on an active jam? We have not found a way to open a shared doc on the jamboard and edit it in any way. I would think t… Jamboard app on google play is not compatible with our Chromebox. Reason? Works on Chromebook. Just trying to get the Google Play app to work on our Chromebox machines. They work on Chromebooks, … It seems that the iOS app does not support any languages other than English for sticky notes. I can create a sticky note in Russian in the web version on my computer, but the iOS app shows just … Cannot delete or duplicate pages on my board I used to be able to delete and duplicate pages. I cannot any longer both on the app or the board. P… My students are not able to load images on their Jamboard. Is there another way? My students are trying to load an image on their jamboard. It just keeps working like it will load b… BUG: Android interface, if far more unstable then the ios During 8 hours of wor the android app crashes over 20 times. The ios app is stable. Android Tablet: …
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Image search is barely functional I don’t know why it was decided that the image search wouldn’t mirror Google Images Search results, … Does anyone know how to reorder frames in a Jam? The help center says it is possible, but we have tried both on the web version and app and have not … Any plans for a Windows Store app? This seems like a fairly logical one, as the web interface is rather lacking compared to using it on…
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We have gsuite company. "Team storage", "my storage". I only get access in Jamboard to my storage!? In the gsuite company Google drive, I have access to to both. But in Jamboard app, I only can upload… missing tools Some tools are not there whn I ty to use jamboard and I cannot find out why. The missing tools are h…
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