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Problem with Google Drive and Jamboard Hi, I'm out of google drive space. I decided to delete some photos and freed up about 4 GB. Now it s… Restore drawing In Jamboard I accidentally click the "clear frame" button in the Jamboard, and couldn't click the "back" button … Error when trying to open new jam board Hi, I'm trying to use jam board on my laptop but when I go to the dashboard that shows me all my rec…
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I accidentally removed a jamboard, how do I get it back? I have tried looking for it in the google drive trash section but it said nothing was there. Also, I… Some can access Jamboard, some cannot. Hello! I use Jamboard for others during team meetings to collaborate and post sticky notes for promp… What is the total number of users (from different computers) that can access 1 jamboard? We seemed to be maxing out around 33-34 but it wasn't clear why. We had at least 55 participants try… Missing all Jamboards from a previous year Help! All of my jamboards are missing from 2021. I spent many hours creating jamboards for students.… How can I print one page in my Jam? I tried to download it as a PDF but I could not print my Jam.
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All of my previous jamboards this year got deleted, how do I restore it? I tried to reopen my notes from last lesson and they are gone, I can't find them anywhere, the web s… I shared a jamboard with a colleague and she can't see the sticky notes that participants add. A Jamboard is shared with my colleague (as an editor), and participants join using a QR code, then a…
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