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Can I restrict the use of profanity when participants have edit access on jamboard? I will be using Jamboard for virtual learning. I would like to know if I can set filters for certain…
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Can't see the lines drawn Hi there, I can't see any drawn lines in a Jam, though I can see the sticker notes. Also, the lines …
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Limitation of number of users Hi Jamboard team, Recently I was in a jam where ~35 of us were attempting to use a Jamboard - well u…
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How to request better ios gesture compatibility? I want to make sure that an effort is being made to make Apple IOS gestures compatible with Jamboard…
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Suggestion: upload PDF of text documents into a Jam, so you can create notes / drawings on them Suggestion: Hi! It would be great if we can upload a PDF or text document into a Jam. This way it ma… Is it possible to use a Wacom Intuos tablet with Jamboard? Wacom Intuos graphic tablets are really good. Is it possible to use those on Google Jamboard Web App… Can you access and edit Jamboards without being signed into a Google account? I know I have to be signed into google to create a Jamboard but if I want to share it with others so… I want to install the Jamboard app; however, Google Play states that the URL cannot be found. I tried searching for the app on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.goog… How do I change my homepage jams from white to cute? I see that on some people’s homepage where their jams are, they have a cutesy background. Mine is ju… How to put jamboard into breakout rooms in zoom? I want to use breakout rooms in zoom when school starts distance learning. I would like the students… how can i write in fine text on jam board Handwriting and shape tools i want How do I see ALL of my Jamboards? it only shows "recent" and I want to see older ones. looking at jamboard page, the menu on left, looked in the topics in here..... Can I type text on my chromebook to the jamboard? Such as add text to a document or screen? I would like to be able to type text to the screen?
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