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How to clean the Jamboard cache? Hi there, We notice Google has down several OTA to Jamboard in past few months, but our Jamboard bec… I want to show pre-recorded videos on a jamboard. Is this possible? I want to show video on a Jam. It can be a prerecorded video or a live video feed. Is either of thes… Unable to share jams with another user using the Jamboard tablet app. Hi there, I downloaded the Jamboard app on my Android tablet and tried to share a jamboard with anot… 'More Actions' Menu not Showing in Web Browser This only occurs in my education domain account. (But I know I am in an OU that has Jamboard turned … Unable to send jams over 10 pages When creating large Jam sessions, usually around 10pages or more, when you try to send the Jam as a … how do i install an android app from playstore. I find the drawing tools in jamboard very weak I find the jamboard drawing tools to be very minimal. is there any way it is possible to install any… our Jamboard is locked up and nothing works. Is there a reset? Unlock the Jamboard. It updated and now will not do anything. turnoff (or move) preview screen on ios ipad Using jamboard on IOS/iPad and can't access any content behind the meet preview window. Can it be mo…
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Jamboard activity statistics Hello! Question about Jamboard usage. We have dozen or so Jamboards and I am trying to compile a das… Hi! When will Jamboard support full screen video with a toogle key to switch between video and presentation? Customers asks for full screen video when not presenting.
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