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How do I restore a jam I deleted? I don’t know what to do. i accidentally deleted a jam and I don’t know how to get it back My events are labelled "private" requiring manual entry of the conference code on the kiosk to join When I click on the the scheduled event on the the kiosk, I get a message that it is "private" and I…
What's New in Jamboard? For the full list of releases, please check the Jamboard Help Center. Last updated on September 18th…
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Draw order How can we set the order of the elements in jamboard? Which one will be at the back and which one at… Admin Setup & FAQs Last updated 11/30/2018 Does my Jamboard have to be enrolled in our domain? Yes. To enroll a Jamboar…
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JAMBOARD "MORE ACTIONS" button is no longer working The "More Actions" button no longer gives any response when using the application from a PC. While y… How do I shut off the on-screen keyboard while in tablet mode? I have searched online to see if others had the same issue, I have turn my on-screen keyboard on and… Feature Request PenSupport, Link to Join the Board, or Unique Codes, Copy How to draw a divider line ("painter's tape")? We use 3 fundamental materials in UX / product strategy whiteboarding in my org – dry-erase markers,… FIX IMAGE , PIN TO TO THE BACKGROUND! Add an Option to fix the image to the background! What is the purpose of the bottom tool on Jamboard When I write with this tool, the writing disappears! What is the purpose of this tool in my image? Jamboard casting is tiny. When I cast it shows up in a tiny box in the corner of my board Sometimes the casting is normal, but sometimes it shows up like a tiny icon in the corner of the boa… Can JamBoard give us the ability to move images to forward & backward? Can Jamboard give us the ability to Move Images Forward Feature Request: Background Images Not Just Grids and Dots I would like to be able to add an image as a background to a Jamboard frame please. This would enabl… Does the Google Jamboard have the ability to Save as an Animated Gif or MOVI? Since the jamboard has many frames, is it possible to save the jamboard as an ANIMATION that can be … Hi everyone. Does anyone knows a way to extract the texts of Jamborad notes to text file / GSheet? I would like to extract all the "sticky" notes text to a text file (e.g. .csv) or to a google sheet … Casting to our Jamboards doesn't work anymore since some days. Any ideas what to do? Setting is on Since some days we can't anymore to our Jamboards. The device are no found in the network. However w…
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