Open an existing whiteboard on a Desk 27 or Jamboard device

You can display your saved whiteboards on a Series One Desk 27 or Jamboard device using a web browser or with the Jamboard app on your mobile device

Before you begin

  • You need the name of the Desk 27 or Jamboard device. Find it on the screensaver. Or, tap Menu "".
  • Download the Jamboard app on your mobile device from the Play Store or Apple® App Store®.

Display a whiteboard from a web browser

  1. In a browser, go to
  2. Select the whiteboard that you want to display.
  3. At the top right, click Open on a Jamboard.
  4. Select the Jamboard device name and click Open.
    Use the search field if the device name does not appear.
  5. On the Desk 27 or Jamboard device, when the prompt appears, tap Open.

Display a whiteboard from the mobile app

You can’t currently display a whiteboard from a mobile device on Meet Hardware devices.

If you’re within 30 feet of a Jamboard device, you can open an existing whiteboard using your phone or tablet.

  1. On your phone or tablet, turn on Bluetooth®.
  2. Open the Jamboard app and tap the whiteboard that you want to display.
  3. Tap Open on board "".
  4. Tap a Jamboard device name.
  5. On the board, tap Open when the prompt appears.


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