Prepare to contact support

When you contact G Suite support and report issues with your Jamboard, support might ask you for system logs from the devices you’re having issues with. Follow these instructions to collect and send logs to support.

Options for gathering logs

Option 1: Submit feedback

This is the most common way of gathering logs from a Jamboard. You can send feedback from the Jamboard kiosk and Jamboard app. The feedback will contain about 23 days of event and system logs.

  1. Reproduce the issue.
  2. On the Jamboard kiosk, tap Menu Menu, then select Feedback Feedback.
  3. In the text field for feedback, enter the case number.
  4. Check the box to Include screenshot and logs.
  5. Describe the issue and tap or click Submit.
  6. Contact Google support and provide:

    • Date and time of the issue
    • Device serial number
    • Meeting ID (if issue occurs during video meeting)

Option 2: Cloud log

Use this option to collect real-time and historical logs on a Jamboard kiosk. You can share the logs with support while you reproduce a problem. This option is only available on the Jamboard Kiosk. 

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in

  2. From the Admin console, go to Device Management and then Jamboard.
  3. In the device panel, select the device from which to collect logs.
  4. In the device details view, under Device Settings, hover over Send Log Data to Google, and the edit option displays.
  5. Click Edit to enable Cloud log.

Option 3: Bug report

Use the bug report to capture more logs from a Jamboard than what is reported in cloud logs.

  1. Obtain a USB flash drive (formatted as FAT/MSDOS).
  2. At the Jamboard, tap Menu Menu > Settings  > About Jamboard.
  3. Tap Build Number 7 times.
  4. Select Capture Logs. 'Please enter Device Password' displays.
  5. On a separate device, open the Jamboard admin console and locate the entry for this Jamboard.
  6. Enter the Admin tool password listed under Device information. 
  7. Insert the USB drive and wait for the logs to finish uploading. 
  8. Upload to Drive and share as needed.


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