What's Jamboard?

Jamboard is available with the G Suite Enterprise or Business or Basic edition as well as G Suite for Education or G Suite Enterprise for Education.

Designed for use in conference rooms and with mobile devices, Jamboard is a 55-inch digital whiteboard. Jamboard incorporates a number of Google technologies that facilitate communication across the internet in real time. These technologies include search, shape and handwriting recognition, AI for autodrawing, and automatic layouts.

Jamboard interacts with tablets, boards, and smartphones. Its hardware, software, and mobile apps are made to be used together. This allows you to access, place, and lay out digital content—and encourages collaboration.

Google Cloud and G Suite integration 

As a core G Suite service, Jamboard is integrated with many other Google services. G Suite integration provides access to Google Drive from a mobile device, so you can add Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to a jam. You can also use Hangouts Meet with Jamboard to participate in video meetings and make presentations. 

Using Google Drive and Cloud, you can access, view, and edit your jam files from anywhere with an internet connection. Copy, rename, share, and organize jam files using Google Drive. Continue editing on your tablet or phone or share your file to another Jamboard to collaborate there. 

As with Docs, you and other users can work together, building on ideas, with up to 50 concurrent collaborators in different locations.

Jamboard mobile apps

Add Docs, Sheets, Slides, PDFs, and Google Photos from Drive using your phone or tablet. Your team’s work autosaves to Drive. Pick up where you left off another time or email your jam session when you finish. For detailed instructions, see Use mobile apps and web viewer.

Find Android and Apple® iOS® mobile apps to use with Jamboard.

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