Jamboard Quick Start Guide

Use this Quick Start Guide to learn about Jamboard features. You can also download a printer-friendly PDF version.

Welcome To Jamboard, the collaborative digital whiteboard!

Pro-Tip: Download the Jamboard app! The Jamboard app works on Android and iOS phones and tablets. It allows you to edit, save, store, and access your Jams at a later date as well as push your Drive files into a Jam. Find the apps by searching for “Jamboard” on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Draw and erase content using one of the pen tools to create content.

Present your Jam to a Hangout by selecting ‘Present to meeting’ in the menu. Enter the GVC/Hangout name.

Add content from Drive such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, PDFs or Images from your Google Drive using the companion Jamboard app from your phone or tablet. Click the Drive icon in the mobile app and follow the instructions.

This adds a copy of the item to the current jam. After the item is added, anyone with access to that jam has access to that copy, not to the original Drive item. You can double tap the item on the Jamboard to page through it, pull pages out onto the Jam to resize it, move it, or annotate on top of it.

Save your Jam and add yourself as the owner: click menu Menu > Add owner and share, and add your email address. 
Share/export a copy of your Jam click menu Menu > Share, and enter the email addresses of the people you want to grant access to edit this jam (there is currently no View only access within the Jamboard app). To give people access to a snapshot of the jam, click menu Menu > Send a copy. To share updates made to the jam later, you can re-send the snapshot. When you share a jam or send a snapshot, an email notification is sent. 

To exit a jam select ‘Close this Jamboard’ in the menu. No sign-out required. The next person walking up to the board will not be able to see any previous Jams. The owner and collaborators can later access it via the jam list on the web, phone or tablet app.

To Access an existing jam you have to be either the owner, have shared access, or have the Jam code (see: Connect two or more Jamboards below). 
You can then access a previous Jam in the web app (jamboard.google.com) or the phone or tablet app. 

To access a previous Jam on a Jamboard, in the mobile app navigate to the Jam you would like to push, click the Jamboard icon Open on board and then select the nearby board you want to push it to.

You can also navigate to the menu on Jamboard and chose “Open a file”. You will see more instructions there on how to open a Jam. You can also input a Jam code as described in the section below (Connect two or more Jamboards).

To connect two or more Jamboards select Share via Jam Code from the menu Menu . Save the Jam and then turn on the Jam code. You can use this code on any other Jamboard, on the mobile app, and on web to open a Jam.

Questions? See the help center at https://support.google.com/jamboard

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