Jamboard Quick Start Guide

Use this Quick Start Guide to learn about Jamboard features. You can also download a printer-friendly PDF version.

Welcome to Jamboard, the collaborative digital whiteboard. You can download the companion app on Android and Apple® iOS® phones and tablets. 

Present your jam to a Hangout

Tap Menu Menu and then Present to meeting and enter the Hangout name.

Connect 2 or more Jamboards

  1. In a jam, tap Add people (make sure link sharing is on) and you’ll get a code.
  2. On the other boards, tap Join a broadcast and enter the code.

Add photos or Google Drive content

From your phone or tablet app, tap Take photo Take photo or Add a Drive file Add a Drive file.

Save your jam

  • Tap Menu Menu and then Add owner and share and enter your email address.

Share a copy of your jam

  • Tap Menu Menu and then Share.
  • Tap Menu Menu and then Send a copy to share as a PDF/PNG file.

Whoever you share the jam with will get an email notification.

Close a jam

Tap Menu Menu and then Close this Jamboard.

You don't have to sign out. The next person walking up to the board won’t see any previous jams. The owner and collaborators can access the jam later on the web or mobile app.

Access a jam

You must be the owner, a collaborator, or have the code. 

  1. Tap Menu Menu and then Join Jam.
  2. Enter the code and tap Join

To access a jam and push it to a nearby Jamboard: 

  1. On the mobile app, navigate to the jam.
  2. Tap Push to board Push to board and then select the board.

To access a jam using the web app, open Jamboard and click the jam. 

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