How can I purchase Jamboard?

Interested customers in the United States and Canada can contact their Google Cloud sales representative, or go to google.com/jamboard to learn more about purchasing Jamboard. Interested customers in the United Kingdom (UK) can contact their Google Cloud sales representative or go to the UK G Suite site.

How much does Jamboard cost?

United States: The Jamboard device (including wall mount, 2 styluses, and 1 eraser) costs USD 4,999, with a USD 600 annual management and support fee. The optional rolling stand is USD 1,349.
Canada: The Jamboard device (including wall mount, 2 styluses, and 1 eraser) costs CAD 6,949, with a CAD 820 annual management and support fee. The optional rolling stand is CAD 1,949.
UK: The Jamboard device (including wall mount, 2 styluses, and 1 eraser) costs GBP 3,999, with a GBP 498 annual management and support fee. The optional rolling stand is GBP 1199. All prices exclude VAT.

Will Jamboard be available globally?

Jamboard devices are available for purchase in the following countries: United States, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, and France. We're currently working to bring Jamboard to additional countries. The Jamboard app is free and available globally. You can download the Jamboard app for phone and tablet from Google Play and the Apple® App Store.

G Suite

Is Jamboard a G Suite Core Service?

Yes, Jamboard software is a G Suite Core Service. This includes the web, phone, and tablet apps. The Jamboard device is covered by a separate Jamboard Terms of Service.
Is Jamboard available for purchase for customers on all G Suite editions?

Jamboard is available for purchase for G Suite Basic, Business, Enterprise, and Education customers.

How do I turn the Jamboard service on?

Using the Jamboard app with a G Suite account is controlled in the G Suite Admin console. Learn more


Do you need the Internet to use Jamboard?

Yes. To set up the board, an Internet connection is required. In offline mode, Jamboard supports core drawing functionality. However, online connectivity is required for sharing, saving to Drive, handwriting recognition, connecting to a meeting, and other Jamboard features.

Is Jamboard’s internet connectivity wireless or wired? 

Jamboard works with both wireless and wired Internet connectivity. Learn more about how to configure Wi-Fi.

Using Jamboard

What do customers get with the Jamboard Admin Management Console?

Admins will be able to:
  • Set up their device
  • Monitor their device status
  • Configure various settings
  • Manage a fleet of Jamboards
  • Perform remote functions, such as factory reset or deprovisioning

Learn more about how to manage your Jamboard.

Is Jamboard integrated with Google Drive and Google Docs?

Yes. Jamboard allows you to merge work from Docs, Sheets, and Slides, or add photos stored in Drive. Jam content created on the device or the app is also stored using Google Drive.

Is Jamboard compatible with Hangouts?

Yes. Jamboard makes it easy to share your jams with colleagues via Hangouts. Learn how to connect people to a live jam session.

Do I need to buy the Jamboard device to use the Jamboard app on Android and iOS®?

No. You can use the Jamboard app on a tablet device and experience many of the same features as you would on the Jamboard device. However, this isn't true for the smartphone app, which functions as a companion for your Jamboard device. Learn more about the differences between the phone and tablet apps.


What level of customer support is offered for Jamboard?

The Jamboard Terms of Service include full technical support for qualifying device owners.
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