Jamboard tools reference and glossary

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Use the Jamboard toolbar to add and edit content in a jam.

Draw, erase, and add shapes


How to use it



Choose a pen and color. Then use your finger or a stylus to draw. Learn more about drawing in a jam.



Choose the eraser to erase with your finger or a stylus. You can also use the eraser that comes with your Jamboard.

Touch and hold the Erase tool to show the Clear Frame option. 

Note: The eraser only works with the drawings made using the pen. To delete an object, select it, then tap More "" and then Delete.


Handwriting recognition

Choose the Handwriting recognition tool and use your finger or the stylus to write text. The tool converts your handwriting into printed text. Learn more about using Handwriting recognition.


Shape recognition

Choose the Shape recognition tool and use your finger or a stylus to draw a shape. The tool converts your drawing into a shape object. Learn more about adding shapes to a jam.

Draw from one shape to another to add a line that connects the shapes.



Choose the Autodraw tool to draw shapes and objects that can be recognized and transformed into actual images on the Jamboard. Learn more about adding drawings to a jam.



Use the Select tool to grab objects and drawings made with the pen tools.

Choose the Select tool, then use your finger or the stylus to outline a drawing. You can then drag it to move it around the frame or pinch to resize it.

When using Select, you can also move objects around quickly by just tapping on them and dragging them. No drawing strokes will be generated when using the Select tool.


Laser pointer

Choose the laser pointer and use your finger or the stylus to temporarily highlight items on the board. 

Other users who are looking at the file from phone or tablet can also see these areas highlighted. When content is being presented on video calls, users on the call can also see the highlights.

Add Drive files, images, and notes


How to use it


Add a Drive file

You can add a file to the Jamboard from Drive on the phone or tablet app.  For details, see add Drive files to a jam.


Search web

Choose the Search web tool and enter text to search for information. For details, see add a screenshot of a webpage.


Search images

Use the Search images tool to find copyright–free images online. For details, see insert images in a jam.


Insert sticker or stencil

Choose the Insert sticker or stencil tool to add images from the gallery to your jam. Stickers you add to the frame exist as objects which you can resize and move around. See adding an image on a Jamboard.


Insert note

Add a text note to your jam. Double-tap a note to edit the text or change the color. Learn more about adding notes to a jam.


Take photo

Choose the Take photo tool to add an image to your jam. Learn more about adding a photo to a jam.

Jamboard glossary

Term Definition
companion apps

Phone app, tablet app, and the web editor.

drawing strokes

Anything that's written or drawn by using the pen tools. The drawings appear on top of the objects on the frame. Learn more about drawing on Jamboard.


The current screen of the Jamboard, equivalent to a page. Each jam can have up to 20 frames. You can view frames in the frame bar.

frame bar

A thumbnail view of the frames in your document. Appears in the top center of your jam. Use the frame bar to switch between frames. You can also use it to reorder frames, view what frames collaborators are currently on or viewing, and to duplicate and delete frames.

Handwriting recognition

A tool that transforms your handwriting into printed text. Learn more about drawing tools.


A jam is a set of frames saved from a live session. You can also use the app or a web browser to create jams. Each jam is automatically saved in Google Drive once you've signed in and given the jam an owner.


A digital collaborative whiteboard for Google Workspace customers. It consists of a custom 55-inch, 4K touch display that runs custom Jamboard software as its operating system. Integrated with Google Drive. Learn more about Jamboard hardware and software specs.

Google Admin console

The page where you can manage and access Jamboards in your organization.

Jamboard app

The whiteboard app that runs on smartphones and tablets.

Jamboard software

The software that runs the Jamboard device.

laser pointer

A tool to temporarily highlight items on the board, using your finger or stylus.

live session

A Jamboard-controlled session in real-time with participants.


Any defined visual or text content, such as the font, converted shapes, or images. The object most recently touched or created appears on top of previously touched or created objects.

Objects always appear behind the drawing layer. You can delete objects by tapping them with 2 fingers and dragging them to the bottom of the screen. You can enlarge objects by tapping them with 2 fingers and drag outward or pinch open.

search images

A tool where you can enter any term to see and access a gallery of images or maps from the web. Tap and drag any image to drop the image into a frame. Only copyright-free images appear, which you can use for presentations.  Learn how to insert images.

shape recognition A tool you use to create shapes. Learn how to work with shape recognition.
sticker and stencil gallery A preset of images. Tap any sticker to drop it into a frame. You can think of stickers like objects and can work with them as such. Learn how to add stickers.
stylus A tool lets that lets you draw, add shapes, and use menus. Jamboard recognizes the difference between the stylus and your finger.
toolbar A menu that contains the drawing tools.

web snapshot

A function of the search web tool. Used to open a browser to search for web content to include in a frame. Learn how to insert a webpage as an image.

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